A 1.99$ Wifi Module from ITEAD Based on ESP8285 the Killer of ESP8266


Espressif announced ESP8285 a Wi-Fi chip for wearable devices on May,2016.
Some described this chip as the killer of ESP8266, that is because ESP8285 includes an embedded 1 MByte flash memory. This means smaller area in PCB is needed to include your Wifi chip while the old ESP8266 needed external SPI flash to run user application.

Comparing ESP8266 and ESP8285 Block Diagrams
Comparing ESP8266 and ESP8285 Block Diagrams

ITEAD announced a new Wifi module called PSF-A85. It adopts the new chip ESP8285 for 1.99$. This module is the first module that adopts ESP8285. PSF-A85 has 24 pin PCB package with a very small footprint: 1.4cm*1.35cm and no embedded antenna on PCB, so this module needs an external antenna through IPEX connector.

PSF-A85 SizeYou can compare this module with previous ESP-XX modules, also you can see pinout, package details, technical docs, …etc of this module from the ITEAD Studio wiki page.

psf-a85 Package
psf-a85 Package

[PSF-A85 Product Page]

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