60kHz PIC Function Generator

Sergei Bezrukov writes:

This project is based on the Function Generator described on Mondo Technology web site. I just did very slight changes and fixed some obvious typos in schematic. The code is rewritten for the Microchip MPLAB IDE syntax.

Device features

  • Frequency range: 11Hz – 60KHz
  • Digital frequency adjustment with 3 different steps
  • Signal forms: sine, triangle, square, pulses, burst, sweep, noise
  • Output range: ┬▒15V for sine and triangle, 0-5V for others
  • Sync output for pulses

The device is powered from 12VAC which provides a sufficiently high (over 18V) DC voltage needed for a normal operation of 78L15 and 79L15. The 12V power supplies are replaced with 15V ones. This is done in order to LF353 Op-amp could output the full range of signals to a 1K load. By using a ┬▒12V supply this resistor must be at least 3K.

60kHz PIC Function Generator – [Link]


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