Altera UP2 Projects – EECE 343 Fall ’11

0 writes:

One of the professors (Jowel Yusta) at CSU Chico University’s Electrical Engineering department was kind enough to pass on some small Altera UP2 FPGA oriented projects that his students built for their yearly EECE 343 – Computer Interface Circuits course.

The EECE 343 course focuses on the different ways that digital electronics pass information to each other, for example USB or PS/2. The Altera UP2 board might be quite antiquated compared to the newer university boards that are available (especially compared to the DE0-Nano) but it’s still a straight forward and simple platform to work with. Such things are extremely rare in electronics and are great for learners.

Altera UP2 Projects – EECE 343 Fall ’11 – [Link]

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