App note: AM/FM active antenna


An introduction to AM/FM active antennas: [via]

This article is a reference design (RD) for an automobile AM/FM active antenna. The RD presents the flexibility of the MAX2180 active antenna low-noise amplifier (LNA) and shows how to set the AM and FM gain and the automatic gain control attack point. Single and dual antenna schematics are detailed, including the input and output matching circuits. Using this design together with the data sheet and device’s evaluation (EV) kit, a prototype antenna can easily be developed for a wide range of active antenna requirements.

App note: AM/FM active antenna – [Link]

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  1. A half-decent AM-FM radio does not need an antenna amplifier because it has plenty of gain. It tunes in the station before it is amplified or before AGC reduces its level.

    A cheap radio does not tune in the station at its input the same as this amplifier. Therefore if you are listening to a weak distant station and drive past a stong local station then the AGC reduces everything including the weak station you are listening to.

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