Automotive relay handling 70 Ampers


Currents, at which it is possible to weld, usual thin wires are melting,… this is the environment, which appears in the automotive industry and other low-voltage applications very often. Automotive relay V23071-A1009-A132 from TE Connectivity is designed for these purposes. 

Relay V23071-A1009-A132, marked also as 1393276-3, is a 12V relay with 1 contact (NO) handling continuous current up to 70A/23°C. Moreover a switching current can be up to 300A/13,5V. Inspite of a big power rating the relay has relatively small dimensions. This relay is, thanks to a very high continuous current, suitable for usage in automotive industry at places with very high current demands like: ABS, cooling fan, rear window heating, heating systems and main switch. Another suitable field of use is also in solar energy applications, backup power supplies and other.

Detailed information wil provide you the V23071A1009A132 datasheet as well as aplika

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