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13 Dec 2010

FT232RL USB to Serial UART (TTL) Adapter is a simple and inexpensive way to connect PIC, AVR or ATMEGA MCUs to a PC or Mac via USB connection. FT232RL is an impressive chip because it implements full v2.0 USB protocol, needs no external crystal, has integrated EEPROM for device ID and product description strings and comes with Royalty-Free driver support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. e Manager making it easy to send and receive data from PIC, AVR or ATMEGA microcontrollers.

FT232RL USB to Serial Adapter – [Link]

13 Dec 2010

If you like PC modding this is cool project for you. This is an USB interface for alphanumeric LCD display like 4×20 which can be controlled with LCDSmartie program. USB interface is implemented by using PIC18F2550 microcontroller. Using USB LCD module you can view many types of information taken from PC like temperatures, time/date, MP3 song titles, view emails, RSS feeds all that LCDSmartie or other program supports.

USB LCD Controller – [Link]

13 Dec 2010

USB Input / Output Board is a spectacular little development board / parallel port replacement featuring PIC18F2455 / PIC18F2550 microcontroller. USB IO Board is compatibile with Windows / Mac OSX / Linux computers. When attached to Windows IO board will show up as RS232 COM port. You can control 16 individual microcontroller I/O pins by sending simple serial commands. USB Input / Output Board is self-powered by USB port and can provide up to 500mA for electronic projects.

PIC18F2455 / PIC18F2550 USB IO Board – [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This is a simple USB temperature probe that uses the AVR USB library by Objective Development (http://www.obdev.at/avrusb/). It is in large part built upon the EasyLogger example by Christian Starkjohann. Whereas EasyLogger would send the data values over a keyboard interface, this project uses a custom device class and reads values using the ruby-usb library.

Temperature probe using AVR-USB – [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This project is able to power a USB device using two standard AA batteries and an electronics circuit. The circuit is based on LT1073 DC/DC converter to convert the 3V to 5V needed by USB. In that way it can power the USB device on the go.

USB Battery Pack – [Link]

1 Dec 2010

This project is a USB infrared decoder based on PIC18F2550. Microcontroller process the IR signal and send it to the PC as keyboard commands.

USB infrared decoder – [Link]

1 Dec 2010

dangerousprototypes.com took the next-gen USB IR Toy v1.1 circuit and rearranged into a through-hole PCB. It’s the basic Infrared Toy with a couple additions:

  • Raw infrared signal detector for frequency measurement
  • Breakout area with all the unused pins, tap in and do something interesting

Check out the design on the link below.

USB Infrared Toy through-hole PCB – [Link]

31 Oct 2010

This is a high tech Business Card that you plug directly on USB. There is a ATtiny85 microcontroller on the business card that becomes an USB keyboard pre-programmed to type out text when it detects that CAPS-LOCK has been pressed a few times. V-USB is used so that the ATtiny85 microcontroller can become an USB keyboard.

USB Business Card – [Link]

23 Oct 2010

This project is a USB thermometer able to measure indoor and outdoor temperature. It’s a simple device able to demonstrate the USB peripheral on the PIC 18Fs. Device is using the 18F2550 28 pin microcontroller. Data is available to the PC through a virtual serial port.

USB Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer – [Link]

19 Oct 2010

This project is a portable USB charger that uses a high efficiency switching regulator that runs at 85 – 94% efficiency depending on input voltage and load. It takes an input voltage from 8 to 16 volts and can run from anything from a 9 volt battery to a car battery. It also has 2 USB ports and easily charges 2 power hungry devices at once.

Dual USB Charger using LM2678 – [Link]





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