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9 Jul 2012

raph @ raphnet.net writes:

USBTenki is an electronic project to interface sensors to an USB port for collecting weather related data such as temperature. The firmware supports many different sensors and interfaces. It is up to you to decide what your USBTenki will support.

USBTenki: USB Temperature sensors and more - [Link]

9 Jul 2012

USBTemp provides a thermometer. It is based on the DS18S20 digital thermometers. In addition, the thermometer connects to an USB port – you can read the temperature using a commandline tool. In combination with RRDTool you can easily create temperature graphs

USBTemp – USB temperature measurement - [Link]

4 Jul 2012

Giorgos is designing smart card lock for his USB ports. His board features a PIC-based  smart-card reader that unlocks a USB hub only if the right smart-card is inserted. [via]

What i am making here is a USB lock with smartcard key. The idea is that a phonecard reader made with a PIC micro will be able to store a number of different phonecards into memory. Whenever one of these cards is inserted into the slot, it will activate a 4-ports USB On/Off switch. If the card is removed, the USB ports will be de-activated.

Lock USB ports via a PIC-based smart card reader - [Link]

27 Jun 2012

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

Ettus, manufacturers of the USRP line of SDRs, has announced the availability of a customized bootable USB drive for USRP/GnuRadio development. The LiveUSB SDR Environment is a 16 GB USB 3.0 drive with Ubuntu 11.10 (64-bit), USRP Hardware Driver (UHD), GNU Radio, OpenBTS and associated documentation preinstalled.

Ettus notes that this drive is compatible with USB 2.0 ports, but the system will take longer to boot, load programs, and respond to user interaction.

The US list price is $79.00. Good news: Ettus is making a .tar.gz file with the file system available for free download here. If your hardware is 64-bit/USB 3.0, give it a try!

Ettus LiveUSB SDR environment - [Link]

28 May 2012


Tools used:

  • U-EC6 USB Emulator Debugger
  • RF-2410M
  • RF-2410U
  • SHT11 Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensor
  • Battery Holder
  • Plastic Enclosure

Wireless USB Temperature & Humidity Datalogger - [Link]

21 May 2012

Low-speed USB using bit banging for small PIC16F chips, similar what the V-USB project does for AVRs: [via]

The 16FUSB is a software implementation of the USB low-speed for PIC16F628/628A microcontroller. All communication stuff is done by the firmware, completely discarding the need to use an additional chip. From the 16FUSB core is possible to add implementations of other protocols such as, for example, I2C, SPI or simple write data from the USB host (PC) directly to the PIC pins. A low-speed USB software implementation can be a great alternative for those who want lower cost projects and at the same time also doesn’t need high speed data transfer.

Open source low-speed bit bang USB interface for 8bit PICs - [Link]


2 May 2012

The MicroFTX is a low-cost, reconfigurable, and compact Micro-USB breakout board based on the FTDI FT230X full-speed USB Serial UART IC.

  • USB to serial interface for microcontroller development or debugging
  • Reverse-engineering tool with flexible I/O voltages (1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, etc)
  • Battery charger detection for high-power USB applications (app note)
  • Bitbang GPIO mode for simple digital input and output

MicroFTX – USB to serial breakout - [Link]

9 Apr 2012

This project is a converter from DCF77 to USB, including Windows Software.

USB DCF77 - [Link]

5 Apr 2012

Saeligʼs new USB2ISO is an isolated USB 2.0 adapter with built-in 400mA/5V power source which eliminates USB ground loops and protects equipment.  No external power supply needed for this USB 2.0 FullSpeed (12Mbps) galvanic isolator, which provides data and power isolation to 1kV.

Ideal for protecting computers from the ground loop hazards of attached USB devices, USB2ISO is suitable for lab as well as field use since it is so compact (2 x 1 x ½ in). The USB2ISO features a standard USB-A plug for the PC connection, and a USB-A socket for the USB cable or device, and has an operating temperature range of -40degC to 50degC. The USB2ISO is designed around Analog Devicesʼ Adum4160/Adum3160, which produces a high grade Class 3 isolated 5V power supply.

Simply plug a USB device into the USB2ISOʼs connector and then plug the USB2ISO into a hub or PC: the PC and the USB device now have no electrical connection but can still communicate at up to 12Mbps. No special software is required since the USB2ISO is transparent to the USB communication. USB2ISO also supplies up to 400mA from the PC to the USB device – with no direct electrical connection – to drive external sources.  (Note that 400mA may be insufficient to charge cellphones, etc.)

USB devices can now be protected and detached from other ground potentials without the ground loops that could harm PCs, USB devices, or other attached electronic devices. This is most helpful for protecting electronic circuits when performing critical measurements (e.g. with USB logic analyzer, USB A/D measurements, oscilloscope, I/O ports, etc.) or connecting with USB printers, soundcards, or amplifiers.

USB2ISO is FCC and CE-compliant and comes with a one-year warranty and is available now at $59.95 from Saelig Company, Inc.  For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 1-888-7SAELIG, via email: info@saelig.com, or visit www.saelig.com

USB2ISO USB 2.0 Galvanic Isolator Adaptor - [Link]

27 Mar 2012

The 2200 series combines an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and arbitrary wave form generator in a compact but powerful PC instrument. Now the series is being extended to include three new models 2206, 2207 and 2208. The new models have increased bandwidth, higher sampling speeds, bigger buffer memories and external triggers. [via]

PicoScope 2200 Entry Level USB oscilloscope  - [Link]





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