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7 Jun 2014

Dave tears down Sony’s first digital camera that used removable media, a 3.5″ floppy drive! The 640×480 resolution 0.3Mpixel 1997 vintage Sony Mavica MVC-FD7

EEVblog #625 – Retro Teardown: Sony’s First Digital Camera - [Link]

28 May 2014

Ben is always looking for new tools and processes to help with all the projects he builds. He’s got a CNC mill, laser cutter, and a 3-D printer, but hasn’t found a way to whip up a PCB at his shop. He’s hand wired many circuits, but this can be tedious. He’s designed PCBs in Eagle and sent them off for production at a board house, but this doesn’t help when he wants a PCB the same day. In this episode, Ben experiments with three methods of PCB etching and shares the results.

Let’s Try PCB Etching! - [Link]

24 May 2014

mjlorton @ youtube.com :

In this T4D (Tip or Thought for the Day…or just general chit chat) I give an initial demo / overview the the Fluke Connect equipment and Application. There seem to be some bugs / issues that still need to be worked out and Fluke are working on this. There may also be issues with the way I’m using the App…I’ll follow-up with a full review once this is all resolved.

T4D #103 – Fluke Connect Demo…and Chit Chat - [Link]

16 May 2014

Original Apple 1 setup – demo of a working piece of history

This is one of 6 known working original Apple 1 personal computers from 1976. There were about 200 Apple 1 ever built and 43 units are identified to exist to date (08.2012). This Apple 1 had been originally restored and framed in 1993 by an Apple enthusiast. I restored this machine in 2012 to fully working condition (there was a faulty PROM) and attached an ASCII keyboard, monitor, power supply and an ACI (Cassette Interface). In the demo the machine executes some test programs and loads from cassette BASIC and a graphics demo.

The original Apple 1 came only as ready built motherboard: there was no keyboard, no case, no monitor and no power supply included. The buyer/user had to find and attach the peripherals himself.

The machine is pretty solid now – I booted this A1 more than 50 times in the last 2 weeks and it worked flawlessly.


Original Apple 1 setup – demo of a working piece of history - [Link]

13 May 2014

This tutorial presents the basics of the varactor diode, or varicap diode, and describes how it functions as a voltage controlled capacitor. A test fixture is shown and used to measure the capacitance vs. reverse voltage. Finally, a voltage-controlled oscillator circuit is built and measured, showing how the voltage on the varactor diode is used to tune the frequency of the VCO.

Basics of Varactor Diodes | Voltage Controlled Oscillator VCO Example - [Link]

10 May 2014

A quick look at the new Siglent SDS2072 super phosphor digital oscilloscope.
A quick look at the bench power supply project and a component list.

T4D #100 – SIGLENT SDS2000 and Power Supply Project - [Link]

10 May 2014

A short video sharing the excitement of unboxing a new Tektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope!

Unboxing the Tektronix MDO3000 Oscilloscope - [Link]

10 May 2014

Detailed look at methods for driving LED matrix displays, including simple LED displays and full-colour video screen modules.

Driving LED matrix displays with an FPGA - [Link]

10 May 2014

Dave attended the Cebit 2014 event in Sydney at Homebush Olympic Park. Here are some highlights.

EEVblog #614 – Cebit 2014 Highlights - [Link]

5 May 2014

What’s inside a $13K Agilent Source Measure Unit capable of 15fA and 100nV resolution?

EEVblog #607 – Agilent B2912A Source Measure Unit SMU Teardown - [Link]





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