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23 Sep 2013

A look into Fairchild Semiconductor’s integrated circuit manufacturing from an educational promotional film broadcast on television on October 11, 1967:

Fairchild Semiconductor presented its new products and technologies with an entrepreneurial style, and its early manufacturing and marketing techniques helped give Californias Santa Clara County a new name: Silicon Valley. It was one of the early forerunners of what would become a worldwide high-tech industry, as evidenced in this short promotional film.

Fairchild Semiconductor Briefing on Integrated Circuits - [Link]

10 Sep 2013

See a Raspberry Pi constructed from scratch. From start to finish we show the manufacturing process of the Raspberry Pi at the Sony facility in Pencoed South Wales: assembly, inspection and testing. Claire Doyle, Head of Raspberry Pi Global Division at Element 14, and Gareth Jones, Senior Manager New Business Development at Sony Uk Tech, talk us through the process.

How they make Raspberry Pi in the UK - [Link]

10 Sep 2013

What’s inside a modern car airbag controller?

EEVblog #517 – Car Airbag Controller Teardown - [Link]

4 Sep 2013

What’s inside a modern bare bones $5 mobile phone? The LG800G available from Tracphone for $5:

EEVblog #514 – $5 Mobile Phone Teardown – LG800G - [Link]

31 Aug 2013

An excellent video about How Microchips are made!

How Microchips are made - [Link]

31 Jul 2013

All about opamp input bias currents. Dave goes through the theory, and then does some practical measurements and tweaking.

Opamp Input Bias Current - [Link]

28 Jul 2013

Dave proves he has no fear by opening this can of electronic worms by posing the question – “Does Current Flow Through A Capacitor?” The answer may surprise you, or drive you into a physics induced rage…

Does Current Flow Through A Capacitor - [Link]

27 Jul 2013

What is the JTAG interface and Boundary Scanning, how does it work, and what is it useful for?

What is JTAG and Boundary Scan? - [Link]

17 Jul 2013

Inside the worlds first Digital SLR camera with rear LCD and inbuilt JPEG processing, the 1998 vintage Kodak DCS315, based on the Nikon Pronea 6i film SLR camera body.
This was before Canon and Nikon had released their own DSLR camera technology, when Kodak ruled the digital camera world!

EEVblog #495 – Kodak DCS315 DSLR Teardown - [Link]

2 Jul 2013

Who else but Dave can take an hour and a half to review a multimeter! Agilent’s new 34461A/34460A 6.5 digit bench multimeter.

Agilent 34461A Multimeter Review - [Link]





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