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28 Jul 2013

Dave proves he has no fear by opening this can of electronic worms by posing the question – “Does Current Flow Through A Capacitor?” The answer may surprise you, or drive you into a physics induced rage…

Does Current Flow Through A Capacitor - [Link]

27 Jul 2013

What is the JTAG interface and Boundary Scanning, how does it work, and what is it useful for?

What is JTAG and Boundary Scan? - [Link]

17 Jul 2013

Inside the worlds first Digital SLR camera with rear LCD and inbuilt JPEG processing, the 1998 vintage Kodak DCS315, based on the Nikon Pronea 6i film SLR camera body.
This was before Canon and Nikon had released their own DSLR camera technology, when Kodak ruled the digital camera world!

EEVblog #495 – Kodak DCS315 DSLR Teardown - [Link]

2 Jul 2013

Who else but Dave can take an hour and a half to review a multimeter! Agilent’s new 34461A/34460A 6.5 digit bench multimeter.

Agilent 34461A Multimeter Review - [Link]

5 Jun 2013

Steve Taranovich had an interview with Maxim Integrated CEO and President, Tunç Doluca:

I have recently had an excellent and informative 40-minute interview with Maxim Integrated CEO and President, Tunç Doluca via Webex regarding their 30th anniversary with questions about their history and also their future vision.

In the video below, Doluca speaks about one of Maxim’s innovative and integrated achievements, the development of the MAX232, a single 5V-powered RS-232 line driver and receiver, quite possibly the “founding father” of analog system-level integration according to Len Sherman, senior scientist at Maxim.

The history of Maxim Integrated - [Link]

4 Dec 2012

tanv28 writes:

Here is a montage of photos that I took while modifying my iPhone 4s to build in wireless charging. There are wireless charging options out there such as the powermat system but they all involve slipping on a jacket around the iPhone. I wanted to internalize the technology so that the beauty of the iPhone is not hidden away! It’s taken a while to complete but it’s finally done.

iPhone 4s Wireless Charging Hack - [Link]

22 Oct 2012

Circuit board assembly at SMA’s German factory - [Link]


20 Sep 2012

Friction Welding  - The Power of Friction - [Link]


3 May 2012

Fabrication d’une lampe triode από F2FO


Ante Vukorepa draws our attention to this video of Claude Paillard, a French radio amateur (F2FO), making his own tubes (also known as thermionic valves) from scratch. “The video depicts the whole process, from winding the filament through making the glassware, assembly and vacuuming, to testing. Pretty awesome!”

For more information on Claude’s activities as well as links to articles on vintage radio topics, go to Claude’s website. (In French; if English is needed, click on the Google translate link at the top of Claude’s webpage.)

Homebrew electronic tubes - [Link]

26 Apr 2012

From the BBC Horizon series, this episode from 1978 about microprocessors. Read the rest of this entry »





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