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5 Aug 2013


The LT3763 is a synchronous buck LED driver controller that delivers over 300W of LED power. Its 6V to 60V input voltage range makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial and architectural lighting. Similarly, its output voltage can be set from 0V to 55V, enabling it to drive a wide range of LEDs in a single string. The LT3763 offers both input and output current monitors and limiting, which accurately control both input and output current. The LT3763 also offers accurate output voltage regulation as well as input regulation, useful for high impedance sources such as solar panels. Its constant current and constant voltage regulation makes it ideal for applications ranging from driving high brightness LEDs to battery and supercap charging

LT3763 – 60V High Current Step-Down LED Driver Controller - [Link]

1 Aug 2013


PoE – Power over Ethernet is already a common is already a common matter. With the Ag5200 module you too can use this functionality and eliminate a mains adapter. 

A thought to use an Ethernet cable even for a power supply is already known for many years. To use an existing data connection even for an energy transmission is an attractive possibility how to eliminate a lot of mains adapters and to gain a possibility of a power consumption control and many other advantages …

After first attempts of some companies, there was accepted an international standard named as IEEE 802.3af (12,95W) and later even the 802.3at (25,5W). Despite the fact, that this system has some disadvantages like for example losses in relatively thin wires, advantages in a form of so to say everywhere-available power supply and elimination of a lot of mains inlets and adapters are significantly outweigh. That´s why the PoE system is becoming an international standard for power supply of many devices connected to Ethernet. Typical examples of PoE usage are VoIP telephones, Ethernet cameras, sensors, security devices, routers,  …

That´s why we add to our standard stock offer the Ag5200 module with a maximum power of up to 30W, enabling a very simple implementation of PoE into a target device. Ag5200 is a complete module with an isolation DC/DC converter and a part for a communication with an energy supplying device. Partially adjustable output voltage (12V), 1500V galvanic isolation and a minimum count of necessary external components ensure a very simple implementation into a target device. Overload, short-circuit and thermal protection ensure a very simple integration into a target device. An advantage is, that the DC/DC converter with a high efficiency works in a wide range of input voltages – 37 to 57V.     

Detailed information will provide you the leták Ag5200, katalógový list Ag5200 as well as a basic description of IEEE 802.3at.
In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Ag5200 module will provide energy to your devices from an Ethernet cable – [Link]

29 Jul 2013


The MAX14777 quad SPST switch supports analog signals above and below the rails with a single 3.0V to 5.5V supply. The device features a selectable -15V/+35V or -15V/+15V analog signal range for all switches. Each switch has a separate control input to allow independent switching, making the device an alternative to opto-relays in applications that do not need galvanic isolation.

The IC features 10Ω (max) on-resistance, and 9mΩ (typ) RON flatness, along with a low 50nA (max at +85°C) on-leakage. For maximum signal integrity, the device keeps this performance over the entire common-mode voltage range. Each switch can carry up to 60mA (max) of continuous current in either direction.

MAX14777 – Quad Beyond-the-Rails -15V to +35V Analog Switch - [Link]

26 Jul 2013


Aesthetic and relatively massive enclosures from company Fastron are the novelty able to provide an attractive look to your devices. 

Metal enclosures are a stable part of our offer. We usually choose them, when wanting to produce a device with a higher mechanical rigidity or with a higher resistance to disturbances (EMI shielding) but even for example in cases when we want our device to have a more “luxury” impression. An interesting novelty in this segment are new aluminium enclosures of the FSG and FHG series from company Fastron.

FSG (FSG1084, FSG1584, FSG2084, FSG2584) series enclosures are constructed as 4-piece with 1.5mm thick walls and with a front/ rear panel up to 2mm thick. Enclosure construction enables an easy assembly of a target device and also a good access in case of servicing and similar. Enclosures are supplied assembled and with 4 self-adhesion feet. Enclosures are treated with a green powder coating (upper part) and with a grey coating (bottom part). Front and rear part are chromate ( a chemical process creating a thin layer protecting from corrosion and improving adhesion of further coatings/ paint). It´s worth to notice considerably different dimensions (width) of the smallest and the biggest enclosure. A wide front panel offers an interesting construction and design alternative to common enclosures.
FHG series enclosure FHG214 is a relatively big DIN rail enclosure featuring a precise construction and very good shielding properties. All-aluminium construction and an integrated DIN-rail holder give a proposal of a long lifetime. Vast perforation enables a trouble-free intensive cooling of electronics.

Detailed information will provide you the  Fastron_metal _enclosures. In case of interest of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Fastron – metal enclosures with fluent shapes – [Link]

20 Jul 2013


A well known reliable PCB relay can be now found in our store in the version V23084-C2002, fully usable in demanding automotive applications. 

Previous version of widely used relay V23084-C2001 we introduced to you in the article Automotive relay for PCB used by leading world producers. However after many years of production this relay has appeared in the obsolete category, that´s why we enriched our stock with its near relative – V23084-C2002-A403, TE Connectivity ordering no. 1393267-2. The difference is in the coil sensitivity and in the material of contacts. New type has a coil switching already at 5,8 V and contacts are on the AgSnO2 basis. Because of different contacts material, the maximum continuous current is 2x18A, what is in about 10% lower than at previous version, but in praxis this limitation shouldn´t occur in the most of applications. A good information is a considerably lower price of this version.

Specified temperature range corresponds to industrial range -40 to +85°C.  Typical segments of usage are car alarms, door control and locking, control of seats, windows and wipers, and various other low voltage applications with higher current demands.
Detailed information will provide you the V23084-C2002-A403 datasheet.  In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Favorite automotive relay V23084 in a new cloth – [Link]

19 Jul 2013


Occupying a footprint of just 2.57×3.24 mm, the STA333IS single-chip digital audio system from STMicroelectronics furnishes up to 20 W of audio output power for use in space-constrained LCD and LED televisions, docking stations, and digital wireless speaker systems. With is wide operating voltage range of 4.5 V to 18 V, the device is also suitable for battery-operated equipment.

Part of ST’s SoundTerminal family, the STA333IS combines digital audio IP, such as FFX full flexible amplification, along with signal processing and power circuitry in a chip-scale package to create a high-power, single-chip solution for all-digital amplification. Its power section consists of four independent half-bridge stages. Two channels can be provided by two full bridges capable of delivering up to 10 W + 10 W of power.

Tiny digital audio SoC delivers up to 20 W - [Link]

17 Jul 2013


Top quality rocker switch with an IP65 protection can be available even for a very competitive price. It is the case of a novelty in our offer – Marquardt 1932.3112.

Series 1930 may be probably familiar to you, for example from our article Series 1930 – Double Pole Rocker Switches with IP65. Till now, we had in stock types 1935.x with green and red backlight.

We react to your requests for switch with the same excellent properties but without a backlight and for as good price as possible. Type 1932.3112 from company Marquardt features an advanced construction with an integrated gasket, thus the switch doesn´t require any other sealing or a special assembly procedure to reach IP 65.
With the price under 2 EUR/ pcs and a considerable stock level, we´re able to offer you a top quality switch for a very affordable price. The switch contains a reliable mechanism with a long lifetime and handles up to 120A inrush (capacitive) current.

In case of interest even in other versions, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Say stop to dust and water with the Marquardt 1932 switch – [Link]

14 Jul 2013


Double PCB terminal blocks of the PDSV series from company Euroclamp enable to better utilize a space and to connect more leads on a small area. 

If we need to connect several leads on one side of a PCB and we can´t or don´t want to use terminal blocks with a smaller pitch, then the PDSV double plug-in terminal blocks are the ideal solution. In principle, these are “pin headers”, which can be mated with several types of SF and SV series connectors. It gives a variability of connection and a possibility to find at any circumstances the right type for a comfortable connection of conductors.

From several available versions we incorporated into our stable stock offer 2 vertical types – PDSV02-5,08-V (2-pole) and PDSV03-5,08-V (3-pole), both with a 5,08mm pitch (0,2“).  PDSV series is modular, i.e. it is possible to stack them into a practically arbitrarily long configuration. These pin-headers mate with SF02-5,08-P/ SF03-5,08-PSV02-5,08-F / SV03-5,08-F or SV02-5,08-P/ SV03-5,08-P terminal blocks.  Body of the terminal block is made of PA (polyamide) UL94-V0 class, contact is from a nickel-plated copper alloy and a screw is form a galvanized steel. Detailed information will provide you datasheets at particular types.

In case of interest in any version of Euroclamp terminal blocks, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Double terminal blocks PDSV … 2×2 can be more than 4 – [Link]

13 Jul 2013


Texas Instruments is one of the most dominant technology companies ever. Behind Intel and Samsung, it is the world’s third largest producer of semiconductors. In addition, they are the largest manufacturer of digital signal processors and analog semiconductors. Young students may just know of TI as producers of their world famous graphing calculators. However, for the older, more experienced students, they quickly learn TI has technology that can be found everywhere. In fact, many of the ICs used for basic electronics are all created by TI.

There is also one additional area TI’s technology excels at. That would be in energy efficient electronics. One of the more popular devices is the MSP 430 microcontroller family. These MCUs allow developers to create embedded applications, which can manage power extremely efficient. The CPU can work with speeds up to 25 MHz or can be lowered to save power in applications. More importantly, the MCU has a low power idle mode. When working in this mode the CPU will draw as little as 1 micro-Amp of current. Along with the low power capabilities, this MCU can also work with all the usual embedded electronics communication protocols and peripherals.

Texas Instruments releases new battery saving technology – MaxLife - [Link]

11 Jul 2013


Company Hammond brings to market quality universal holders enabling to use your device even on a DIN rail. 

DIN rail has admittedly a lot of advantages and no wonder, that it became a very favourite „platformou“ for not only distribution boxes, but also for various alarms, centrals, and other devices even with a finer electronics.

Naturally, to attach an enclosure to a DIN rail it is necessary that the enclosure was directly designed for a DIN rail or it can be any other enclosure amended with a suitable holder (clip). DIN rail enclosures are usually the first choice, but their shape, size, material and other features aren´t always suitable for our concrete device. For these purposes we incorporated to our stock offer 4 new holders of the 1427DIN series. 3 types – 1427DIN42M, 1427DIN75M and 1427DIN100M are made of aluminium with an anodized surface and 1 type – 1427DINCLIP is form a rigid nylon (UL94-V0). All aluminium types are supplied including a screw, washer and nut for fastening to an enclosure. Aluminium types are constructed so that to attach or loosen from a DIN rail, no tool is necessary. A reliable fastening to DIN rail ensures a spring from a galvanized steel and to its release, it´s only necessary to press the clip from the bottom and to tilt the upper part from a DIN rail. An advantage of holders is, that they´re usable with various enclosures, even from other producers.

Detailed drawings can be found in datasheets at given types. On the Hammond website it´s also possible to find CAD files and 3D models. In case of interest in any HAMMOND products please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

New DIN rail clips 1427 series can fasten (almost) every enclosure – [Link]





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