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5 Oct 2013


If you need a reliable and fast storage for your data, then you shouldn´t overlook the Apacer CF6 series. 

Among memory devices, CF (CompactFlash) cards are very popular for embedded devices in such fields as medical, military, gaming, automotive and POS applications to date due to their cost effectiveness, reliability and stability.  Apacer’s latest generation of CF Memory cards – Industrial CF6 cards, significantly boosts the transmission efficiency up to 115/80 MB/ second, realizing the speed of SATA interface when compared with its predecessors. The new series also considerably expands its capacity up to 128GB, making it the best choice for industrial computer and automatic storage.

Apacer’s CF6 serie memory card is available in capacities of 16GB to 64GB in the reliable and highly competitive SLC chip and in capacities from 8GB to 128GB with low-cost MLC chip. Both the two series of products can run stably under industrial-grade wide-temp (-40°C – 85°C) environments, enabling the system to access data reliably even at scorching or extremely low temperatures, which considerably guarantees the service life of products. In addition, in order to enhance the accuracy of data, Apacer’s Industrial CF6 cards also support the 72-bit ECC function, wear-leveling function and S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), thereby substantially enhancing product reliability.

In respect of ensuring data security, Apacer’s Industrial CF6-Premium Series come with an optional Write Protect function (Premium series). These CF memory cards are designed with a Lock Switch in a lower position so that customers can lock the CF memory cards prior to delivery of the system. Users can only read rather than write the data, thus helping prevent accidental deletion of data caused by careless operation and protect confidential data against vicious tampering.  Apacer offers other series of Industrial Compact Flash Cards CF3 and CF5 series) as well tailored for a variety of customer applications and demands.
In case of interest in any Apacer Apacer products, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Sixth generation of Apacer CF cards reaches almost speed of SATA – [Link]

5 Oct 2013


The highest communication speed UMTS/HSPA+ and an easy communication via USB make the new module ideal for M2M applications. 

Fast data transmission is becoming an inseparable part of devices for automotive industry, measuring, tracking, security systems, wireless terminals (POS), mobile computers etc.
When we´re choosing a module for above mentioned segments, it´s surely worth if the module also offers somewhat so to say “extra”. In case of the UC20 module it´s true, because there´s probably no parameter, which would the UC20 not meet and when you look closer at the datasheet, you´ll also find another functions like for example 2x 15 bit AD converter and other. A big advantage of the UC20 is, that it supports a fast transmission even outside of the 3G networks thanks to a dual mode (+ Multi-band) for WCDMA but even GSM with a support of GPRS/EDGE Multi-slot Class 12. A considerable benefit are also the Windows USB drivers (Linux and Android drivers are in development).

UC20 can air itself even with a high sensitivity and a high integrity of transferred data even in adverse conditions.  For a development support, there are also available reference examples – UC20-reference design as well as UC20-Compatibility design regarding HW compatibility of UC20 with the M10 module.
All package (12x pdf) of software user guides can be downloaded on this link (11MB). Detailed information will provide you the documents UC20-Specification, UC20-Presentation and UC20 Hardware design.

For many applications can be beneficial the UC20 module on a PCB in a form of the Mini PCIe card. Also available is the UC20_EVB development board.
In case of interest in any modules from company Quectel, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Quectel 3G modules of UC20 series will ensure a fast transmission even on 900 MHz – [Link]

23 Sep 2013


Lantronix xPico WiFi module enables to directly configure a target device via a software access point – without a need to access a client´s network. 

Lantronix xPico WiFi is a new module with a dual serial port (+USB 2.0, + SPI) enabling to connect target devices into WiFi network with several features making it user very friendly. xPico WiFi is of the same miniature size like its near familiar – xPico (ethernet), which was introduced to you in the article „Do you need a chip-sized Ethernet ?” and it also has the same pinout, offering an unusual flexibility at the device designing.

As we´re already used to at products from company Lantronix – for a real usage it isn´t necessary to write a single row of code neither load any drivers. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new module is, that it provides a simultaneous software AP (Access Point) with a DHCP server and Client mode, what means, that besides operation in WiFi as a “usual” client, it also enables a direct access – communication with other WiFi device, e,g, tablet or smartphone. It provides a huge advantage to producers regarding configuration or servicing of devices in a form of a direct access ONLY to a given device, without a need to access into a customer´s network. Safety is cared by 256 bit AES encryption and a reliable operation is guaranteed in a wide industrial operating range -40…+85°C. The module is supplied by 3.3V and serial ports are 5V tolerant. Thanks to a low power consumption can be the xPico WiFi operated even from batteries (6uA standby).

Detailed information will provide you the xPico WiFi brochure, xPico WiFi user guide and xPico integration guide. For development support there´s also available the xPico WiFi development kit.
xPico WiFi will be on stock within a few days. In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

xPico WiFi is a dream come true for producers and customers – [Link]

12 Sep 2013


500, 400, 300 mW are common values of coils power consumption of mid-power relays. But JV-xS settles for 200mW and operates even at 113 mW! 

Power consumption of for example 500 mW is low at the first sight and it may seem, that at a power consumption of other power circuitry it somehow “disappears”. Sometimes it maybe really is a relatively negligible value, but in many cases the power consumption matters very much. Apart from a general trend of power consumption reduction, a lower consumption enables for example a longer operation from a backup source at a voltage dropout. Moreover at arrays with several relays an overall consumption easily reaches even tens of Watts, what may bring for example problems with heat dissipation in summer season and similar.

Relays Fujitsu series JV-xS are quality relays of a mid power (5A) with a maximum switching voltage of 250VAC/ 1250VDC with a very sensitive coil. Small dimensions and a low profile (only 12.5 mm) contribute to versatility of the relay. Despite small dimensions provides JV-xS a high level of safety thanks to 5000VAC isolation strength (coil/ contacts) and construction from a self-extinguishing plastic.
JV-xS series is available with DC coils from 3 to 24V (JV-3S… JV-24S). Besides common versions for 5, 12 and 24V it´s possible to find in our store also the 9V version JV-9S-KT. Uponrequest we´re able to provide you also any other available versions.  Detailed information will provide you the Fujitsu JV datasheet.
In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Save energy with sensitive relays Fujitsu JV series – [Link]

19 Aug 2013


ST Microelectronics has introduced what it is calling the world’s smallest digital e-compass — a three-axis magnetometer combined with a three-axis accelerometer on a 2x2mm MEMS chip.

By saving board space on next-generation mobile devices, this device should enable new ultra-miniature, location-aware applications. Micro-electromechanical systems already provide much of the smarts to smartphones, and ST is already a major supplier for devices from Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy. However, a new generation of smartphones and other personal devices will have even less board space.

ST said in a press release that its new LSM303C is 20 percent smaller than previous models, saving just under a square millimeter of board space. That does not seem like much, but it will be welcome for devices such as smartwatches or monitoring bracelets, where space is especially precious.

ST Introduces Smallest MEMS Compass - [Link]

12 Aug 2013


ULN2003 – practical example of «reading» microchip schematic via Evil Mad Scientist

We often receive comments that while out microchip photos are beautiful and interesting, it is completely unclear how integrated circuit implements basic elements and form larger circuit. Of course it is impossible to do a detailed review of an 1’000’000 transistor chip, so we’ve found simpler example: ULN2003 – array ofDarlington transistors.

Despite it’s simplicity this microchip is still widely used and mass manufactured. ULN2003 contains 21 resistors, 14 BJT transistors and 7 diodes. It is used to control relatively high load (up to 50V/0.5A) from microcontroller pin. Canonical use case – to control segments of large 7-segment LED displays.

What’s inside the ULN2003 Darlington driver chip - [Link]

7 Aug 2013


TempFlat MEMS Eliminates Temperature Compensation. Steve Taranovich writes:

SiTime Corporation has introduced the TempFlat MEMS. Until recently, all MEMS oscillators used compensation circuitry to stabilize the output frequency over temperature. This new design eliminates temperature compensation, resulting in higher performance, smaller size, lower power and cost. The basic architecture of a MEMS oscillator combines a MEMS resonator die together with an oscillator IC. As shown on the left side of the diagrams below, SiTime has developed different types of MEMS resonators for different applications needs.

SiTime’s MEMS Resonators: An alternative to Quartz - [Link]

7 Aug 2013


From now, it´s even more probable to find the right connector for your application in our store. 

After success of so far types of connectors for memory cards and SIM cards, we add to our stock offer many other types of connectors for SIM cards, SD cards, micro SD cards, CF cards, E-SAT, DDR and other from company Attend.

We realize that at a development even seaming trifles are important, other pin position etc., which decide whether a given connector is usable or not in your application. That´s why we offer you at some types (SD, micro SD, SIM, …) even several versions of a seemingly same connector. From many types we have in stock initial amounts as yet, but soon we´ll increase this count – depending on your interest.
An interesting alternative to common micro SD connectors is the type  112C-TBAR-R02 with a swiveling holder. The connector is suitable for applications, where an often exchange of SD cards is not supposed, but it is necessary to save space on a PCB or where it´s not possible to insert a memory card from a side. Similarly interesting is the „2in1“ connector 112G-TA00-R for a micro SD and a SIM card. This connector particularly saves PCB space.

Should you be interested in a connector, which would be out of stock at the moment, or which we don´t have in the offer yet, don´t hesitate to contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Memory media and data communication without limitations – [Link]

5 Aug 2013


The LT3763 is a synchronous buck LED driver controller that delivers over 300W of LED power. Its 6V to 60V input voltage range makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial and architectural lighting. Similarly, its output voltage can be set from 0V to 55V, enabling it to drive a wide range of LEDs in a single string. The LT3763 offers both input and output current monitors and limiting, which accurately control both input and output current. The LT3763 also offers accurate output voltage regulation as well as input regulation, useful for high impedance sources such as solar panels. Its constant current and constant voltage regulation makes it ideal for applications ranging from driving high brightness LEDs to battery and supercap charging

LT3763 – 60V High Current Step-Down LED Driver Controller - [Link]

1 Aug 2013


PoE – Power over Ethernet is already a common is already a common matter. With the Ag5200 module you too can use this functionality and eliminate a mains adapter. 

A thought to use an Ethernet cable even for a power supply is already known for many years. To use an existing data connection even for an energy transmission is an attractive possibility how to eliminate a lot of mains adapters and to gain a possibility of a power consumption control and many other advantages …

After first attempts of some companies, there was accepted an international standard named as IEEE 802.3af (12,95W) and later even the 802.3at (25,5W). Despite the fact, that this system has some disadvantages like for example losses in relatively thin wires, advantages in a form of so to say everywhere-available power supply and elimination of a lot of mains inlets and adapters are significantly outweigh. That´s why the PoE system is becoming an international standard for power supply of many devices connected to Ethernet. Typical examples of PoE usage are VoIP telephones, Ethernet cameras, sensors, security devices, routers,  …

That´s why we add to our standard stock offer the Ag5200 module with a maximum power of up to 30W, enabling a very simple implementation of PoE into a target device. Ag5200 is a complete module with an isolation DC/DC converter and a part for a communication with an energy supplying device. Partially adjustable output voltage (12V), 1500V galvanic isolation and a minimum count of necessary external components ensure a very simple implementation into a target device. Overload, short-circuit and thermal protection ensure a very simple integration into a target device. An advantage is, that the DC/DC converter with a high efficiency works in a wide range of input voltages – 37 to 57V.     

Detailed information will provide you the leták Ag5200, katalógový list Ag5200 as well as a basic description of IEEE 802.3at.
In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Ag5200 module will provide energy to your devices from an Ethernet cable – [Link]





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