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10 Dec 2014


Even a simple, well-designed tool can help significantly – we´ll introduce to you some of them …

Sometimes, only a little bit is necessary to make our work more happy – a good ergonomic chair, workbench in a suitable height, good lighting … and last but not least also a good screwdriver, magnifying lens, tweezers, or „something“ what can help at extraction of a component from a PCB or at cleaning of a suspicious place with a possible shortcut.

If we´d start by the smallest one, then it could be the ZD-151 set – i.e. six various “surgery” tools serving for bending of THT components leads, extraction of components from a PCB, cleaning of a joint (brass brush) as well as interruption of unwanted connection on a PCB. Especially suitable for work with SMT components is the set of four stainless steel tweezers 816748. By the way, for a work with sensitive components it´s certainly worth to use antistatic wrist band (suitably earthed).

If you already find a place, which should be resoldered or a component should be extracted, then there will be certainly useful desoldering pumps ZD-192 or ZD-108 from an ESD plastic. For a thorough removing of all solder residues, especially at exchange of SMT components, it´s usually necessary to use a desoldering braid, for example Toolcraft – in various thicknesses (1.0-3.0mm) or a top-quality braid with a synthetic flux Soldabsorb.

Soldering tool – that should be laid off into a reliable holder – for example ZD-10 but we´re also able to supply you various original parts from Weller, Ersa and other.

At soldering and especially at a lead-free process, it often happens, that even a relatively new soldering tip gets covered by a thin oxide layer and the tip then “doesn´t catch” solder (poor wetting). If a mild cleaning on a soft-wetted sponge (ZD-937), doesn´t help, or often better – on a dry brass or stainless steel wool – AT-A900, then it might be good to use something more efficient – regenerator of tips Stannol Tippy or Weller TIP ACTIVATOR (T0051303199).

It´s known, that solder smoke and fumes are harmful and your health is surely worth much more than the ZD-153 fumes extractor.

Do you need to extract a hard-to-reach component from a PCB? - [Link]

23 Oct 2014


Do you like tools usable for several jobs? Gas soldering tool Dremel VersaTip 2000 in a “Decorating kit” edition certainly belongs to such record breakers in the versatility of usage.

Multifunctional gas tool Dremel VersaTip 2000 usable for technical but also creative works was introduced to you in our articles. Soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and wood burning (pyrography), bending of metals, application of heat shrinkable insulations, releasing of junctions locked by an anaerobic sealant (bearings and screws) and now also various creative works can be done with a special edition „Decorating Kit (DremelVersaTip2000-6)”. This set also contains a few additions to develop creativity of a user (of families :-)), namely: embossing pen, 3 embossing powders, embossing stones and 2 wooden sheets with pre-cut shapes to try this technique.

Embossing pen contains a slow-drying glue. If we put some embossing powder on to an ornament painted by this pen, it will get sticked in a thin layer. Then it´s only necessary to heat it up by a hot air from the VersaTip tool and an attractive color layer is done. Possibilities of usage of this technique are wide – after some exercise it´s possible to use it for example to mark your own „hand made“ products giving them a mark of unique. In general, the embossing lacquer (glue) can be applied also by a suitable rubber stamp (sold in specialized shops), what can give us a relatively very quality, sharp result.

To refill the DREMEL VersaTip, it´s advisable to use a clean liquid buthane. Detailed description will provide you the VersaTip Instruction Manual.

DREMEL® VersaTip in a limited edition serves for work and also for fun - [Link]

31 May 2014


lowpowerlab.com imported a laser cutter from China and discuss the process:

As a break from the pick and place posts, in this article I’d like to aggregate my research about laser cutters and my experience importing a chinese laser cutter. There’s a wealth of knowledge scattered around the web, and this article won’t meet everyone’s search criteria, but hopefully this will be a resourceful stop for those that are in the search for a similar machine on a budget that can achieve the same results as a high end laser cutter/engraver.

Importing a laser cutter from China - [Link]

28 May 2014


Manual Pick and Place V2  @ Brian Dorey.com

After finishing the automatic pick and place project we soon found that we needed to be able to place components manually when working on prototype and very short production runs of pcb boards.

As the space in the loft workshop is very limited we decided to modify the old manual pick and place machine and make a new compact version which can be stored under the bench and put on the top when needed.

For the frame we used 40mm x 20mm aluminium extrusion and made a frame which is 40cm deep x 45cm wide.

Manual Pick and Place V2 - [Link]

9 Jan 2014

Making it easier to assemble electronics. Holds everything in place while providing full access to the work. Open source flexibility.

PCBGRIP is an electronics assembly system designed to make it easier to assemble electronics. Completely customizable, with open source flexibility, it holds printed circuit boards (PCBs), components, and stencils securely, improving both the quality and speed of assembly. It solves the challenges of hand electronics assembly and testing faced by hobbyists, makers, and assemblers.

Unlike other products that just hold PCBs, PCBGRIP holds PCBs and everything else. The open source aluminum extrusion and standard 3mm hardware allow you to build and share whatever you need to help you with your electronics project.

PCBGRIP: Electronics Assembly System - [Link]

17 Dec 2013


Multifunctional gas soldering tool will help you at many various applications like: soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and woodburning (pyrography)…

This quality gas soldering tool provides a freedom of usage for example outdoor and everywhere where no electricity is available. But DREMEL 2000 VersaTip isn´t only a gas soldering tool with adjustable temperature. It is a multifunctional tool, which you can use, thanks to 6 exchangeable tips, for technical and also creative works like: soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and woodburning (pyrography), bending of metals, application of heat shrinkable insulations, releasing of junctions locked by an anaerobic sealant (bearings and screws) and many other.

DREMEL VersaTip can be easily and quickly refilled by a widely available liquid butane (the same as used in lighters) and it has a safety lock mechanism against an accidental turn-on. Detailed description will provide you the VersaTip Instruction Manual.

The multifunctional gas soldering tool VersaTip 2000JA can be gained with a free gift now – with the 12in1 multitool – it is only necessary to order item no. 131739.


  • DREMEL® VersaTip
  • Soldering Tip
  • Cutting Knife
  • Hot Knife
  • Flat Wide Flame Head
  • Reflector
  • Hot Blower Head
  • Soldering Tin with Blue Cap
  • Soldering Sponge + sponge box
  • Wrenches: 1 x 7 mm, 1 x 8 mm

Gas soldering tool DREMEL 2000 VersaTip now with a gift! - [Link]

31 Oct 2013


Arduino UNO R3 mini laser cutter:

A few years ago I saw an Instructable where Groover had used a pair of DVD-RW drives to make a pocket laser engraver. Inspired by the idea, driven by the recent purchase of a full-sized 50 watt CO2 laser cutter, and roused by the launch of the Microcontroller contest I took the decision to have a crack at making my own mini laser engraver.

The MicroSlice – A tiny Arduino laser cutter - [Link]

14 Oct 2013


Inrush current, effective power, power factor, harmonic distortion, … all these and other parameters handles CM8 with easiness.

Clamp multimeters are often used mainly thanks to their ability to measure AC (and even DC) current even without a disconnection of a wire. But it´s only one basic feature, which more sophisticated devices can use even for another purposes, like comfortable measuring of power and power factor. Benning CM8 is a device able to provide detailed information regarding power conditions in a measured circuit and measure much more than usual clamp meters, for example:

● measuring of inrush current

● measuring of effective power in 4 ranges – 4/40/400/600 kW + calculation of a power factor in a full range -1,00…0…+1,00

● VAC true RMS in a frequency range of 45-500Hz, high accuracy up to a crest factor of 3

● harmonic distortion with 0,1% resolution and sensitivity up to 25-th harmonic (ACV, ACA)

● measuring of DC current up to 600A (0.1A resolution)

It can be said, that Benning CM8 is a device, with which it´s possible to check even large circuits and for example find possible source of defects and similar. Thanks to a measurement of inrush current it´s able to give a real information about a load of a circuit and thus for example to give an information, whether it´s possible to add another device into a given circuit etc.

Detailed information about the CM8 will give you the Benning CM8 user guide and an overview of Benning measuring and testing devices.

Top class multimeter Benning CM8 examines even motors - [Link]

13 Sep 2013


Saelig Company, Inc. (www.saelig.com) has introduced the new CGM-101 CircuitGear Mini – a unique, low-cost PC-based instrument which provides the features of six devices in one USB-powered compact box: 2-channel 11-bit 2MSa/sec 200kHz oscilloscope, 2-channel spectrum analyzer, 2MSa/s 8-bit arbitrary-waveform/standard-function generator with 8 digital I/O lines. It also functions as a network analyzer, and a PWM output source – all for less than $100! The oscilloscope and waveform generator can also work together to form a vector network analyzer. The USB interface allows the recording, output and printing of all waveforms or even updating the firmware as new features become available.

The CGM-101 CircuitGear Miniʼs Oscilloscope capability provides a two-channel 11-bit 20mV/div to 5V/div

(+/-0.25Vp-p to +/-25Vp-p with 1X Probe; +/250Vp-p with 10X Probe) 200kHz basic scope, also offering sophisticated marker measurements, and triggering (normal, auto, single-shot and pre-trigger) with a time-base adjustable from 500ns/division to 20s/division. A 1k sample/channel data buffer allows pre-trigger signal or “strip-chart” viewing. X-Y Plot, spectrum analysis, and waveform math are also included.  The two-channel FFT spectrum analyzer offers marker measurements, and, when used with the internal signal generator, displays Bode plots and performs vector network analysis, showing gain and phase values in real-time.

The CircuitGear CGM-101ʼs Signal Generator is an 8-bit 0Hz to 200kHz signal source, offering sine/square/triangle/sawtooth waveforms to +/-2.75V, as well as being capable of outputting arbitrary or preloaded waveforms like ECGs. Connecting the generator signal to a circuit under test enables measurements with the oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyzer.

The compact (4.6″ x 3.1″ x 0.95″ – 117 x 79 x 24mm) USB port-powered CGM-101 CircuitGear Mini also offers eight TTL I/O lines for PWM or other uses such as trigger in/out. The visual interface software provided makes control and display of information very intuitive, and users of bench-top instruments will immediately feel comfortable with the on-screen controls. The oscilloscope, generator, and digital I/O are operated from a custom open-source Tcl/Tk software GUI included with the hardware, which runs under Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac operating systems. Because the software is Open Source, the code can be read and even added to or customized.  The command set is compatible with MATLAB®, LabVIEW and virtually any programming language.

Aimed especially at teaching establishments, project-based electronics lab teaching materials are also available for use with CircuitGear CGM-101. Ideal for labs, education, and any engineerʼs toolbox, it is available now from stock from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport NY at only $99.95. 1-888-7SAELIG  info@saelig.com  www.saelig.com.

CircuitGear Mini CGM-101 Oscilloscope - [Link]


30 Aug 2013


It´s possible to receive the latest technical and safety datasheets of Kontakt Chemie products comfortably into your e-mail box.

As chemical agents belong to a highly regulated segment (on-going REACH) process), it´s necessary that you always had the actual version of technical- and mainly safety datasheets for agents which you use. Especially for larger companies using a many chemical agents it´s a considerable load  – to watch legislative changes and to search for the latest version of documents.
That´s why company CRC – producer of Kontakt Chemie sprays, brings a useful and free service „My CRC“. By means of „My CRC“ the end user has ensured the 100% latest documentation in case of legislative changes as is the hazard classification or changes of European law. These changes don´t affect the product production or its availability but the actual documentation version is vital from reason of possible criminal responsibility.

After a simple registration on the http://www.crcind.com/crc/ – website – by clicking on the „My CRC“ logo, you´ll receive an e-mail with login. In the next step after signing-in (by clicking on the “My CRC” logo) select a language for required documents – in the left bottom part of page. In the upper portion of the website you can select a country and language for work on this web. If the given country is missing, we recommend you to choose „Others/ English“. The documents are in the alphabetical order and you can check the column in the right at every document, which you´re interested in. Finally, after clicking the „My selection“ button, it´s possible to choose whether you wish to receive on your e-mail these documents (immediate e-mail with links to these documents) or you wish to receive only changes/ updates of these documents (if occur in the future).

We believe, that this function will make your work more pleasant and easier. In case of questions, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Make your life easier with the „My CRC“ function – [Link]





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