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13 Feb 2012

bjbsquared writes:

This is one of the best wire strippers I have ever used. If setup correctly, it can be very precise and give feedback telling when the blades have cut deep enough

Smart Electro Wire Stripper – [Link]

3 Dec 2011

WSM 1C – The mobile, rechaegeable soldering station 40W. Ideal for all soldering applications that need a handy and ease of use station for a professional work. nESD safe and designed for mobile, cordless service. The perfect alternative to gas powered irons.nnnScope of deliveryn- WSM 1 soldering station with rechargeable battery and micro soldering…

Technical specifications

  • ESD safe, for industrial applications
  • Built in Stop+Go function for energy efficient switch off
  • Touch screen technology
  • Special functions for individual settings
  • Temperature-locking function
  • 2 pre-set temperature values (fixed temperatures)
  • Equipotential bonding socket
  • Integrated micro soldering pencil WMRP 40 W with ergonomic design
  • Changeable, high efficient micro soldering tip RT 3, chisel, 1.3 mm and integrated heating element
  • Safety rest with WDC dry cleaner
  • Latest LiFePo4 rechargeable technology
  • Up to 1 hour soldering capacity
  • Recharge time 20 minutes
  • Temperature range: 100°C – 400°C
  • Heat up time: 4 sec.
  • Power: 40 W / 12 V
  • Soldering iron: Integrated WMRP pencil with RT 3 soldering tip, chisel 1.3 mm
  • Energy efficient switching power supply: 100 – 230 V

WSM 1C – The mobile, rechargeable soldering station 40W – [Link]

24 Nov 2011

New UNI-T multimeter UT132D can serve you, besides usual meauring also for measuring of parameter, which usual multimeters don´t handle – measuring of SMT transistors´ Hfe.

Measuring of DC current gain of transistors we nowadays can find at many measuring device. However, much more rare is the posibility to measure this parameter even at SMT transistors, NPN and PNP types in a SOT-23 package. UNI-T UT132D is a quality measuring device with a well readable, sufficiently big display with a maximum vaue of 1999. With it you can measure all usual values and a capacity of condensators. A novelty is the included adapter for measuring of hfe of transistors, not only for classic with wire leads but also for SMT transistors. It enables to check the functionality and to roughly measure SMT transistors, what can be a big help at development or production of prototypes. hfe is measured at a IB 10uA a Vce 2,3V. It has a HOLD function and a main switch, thus it is not necessary to turn a measuring ranges switch to switch off the device. UT132D is very reliably and comfortably held in a hand thanks to compact dimensions and an ergonomic shape.

With the new UNI-T multimeter you can handle even SMT transistors – [Link]

21 Nov 2011

Multifunctional gas soldering tool will help you at many various applications like: soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and woodburning (pyrography)…

This quality gas soldering tool provides a freedom of usage for example outdoor and everywhere where no electricity is available. But DREMEL VersaTip isn´t only a gas soldering tool with adjustable temperature. It is a multifunctional tool, which you can use, thanks to 6 exchangeable tips, for technical and also creative works like: soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and woodburning (pyrography), bending of metals, application of heat shrinkable insulations, releasing of junctions locked by an anaerobic sealant (bearings and screws) and many other.

DREMEL VersaTip can be easily and quickly refilled by a widely available liquid butane (the same as used in lighters) and it has a safety lock mechanism against an accidental turn-on. Detailed description will provide you the VersaTip Instruction Manual.


  • DREMEL® VersaTip
  • Soldering Tip
  • Cutting Knife
  • Hot Knife
  • Flat Wide Flame Head
  • Reflector
  • Hot Blower Head
  • Soldering Tin with Blue Cap
  • Soldering Sponge + sponge box
  • Wrenches: 1 x 7 mm, 1 x 8 mm

Technical specification 

  • Weight: 0,135 kg
  • Ignition: Piezo
  • Burn time: up to 90 min

Gas soldering tool DREMEL VersaTip will provide you a freedom – [Link]

26 Oct 2011

Roland iModela iM-01-3D Hobby Mill via Fabaloo… [via]

Roland DG Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of 3D milling and engraving technologies, today introduced the new iModela iM-01. Incorporating 25 years of Roland’s proven 3D milling technology, the iModela is an inexpensive, easy-to-use desktop device that mills wax, foam, balsa wood and plastic materials commonly used in craft and hobby projects.

Roland iModela iM-01-3D Hobby Mill – [Link]

26 Sep 2011

Laptop power chargers and USB cables always break at the same point and once they do, it’s not long before they stop working altogether.

Here are instructions to show you how to repair this problem quickly and very easily using sugru.

Why use sugru ?

  1. sugru will bond to the cable and the power block.
  2. sugru cures to a flexible silicone rubber which means that it is unlikely to break again.
  3. sugru is an electrical insulator.

How To Repair Damaged Cables – [Link]

3 Jul 2011


  • 3 preset buttons: to easily configure any preferred temperature quickly
  • LCD display: monitors current and set temperature
  • the heating element uses low voltage AC current, ensuring anti-static, low leakage and interference
  • ergonomic handle for long time usage


26 Jun 2011

AKTAKOM’S latest innovation features a wide screen, slim body and deep memory.

Miami Fl., June 14, 2011 – T&M Atlantic., distributer of the test and measurement equipment, today unveiled a portable digital oscilloscope by AKTAKOM that features 60 MHz bandwidth, 2 channels with a 500 MSa/s sample rate, and an 8 inch color TFT-LCD screen with 800×600 resolution.  It also offers huge amounts of memory(10Mpts), and USB flash storage support. ADS-2061M is user friendly with a unique “HELP” function that allows you get a User Manual on the oscilloscope’s screen. The unit contains 2 passive probes that are switchable between 1:1 and 10:1 input ratio.

This highly portable and versatile unit is a hybrid between handheld and benchtop models.  With a large screen and slim body it weighs under 4 lbs. and is 340x155x70 mm in dimension. With its optional battery, it can run for up to 4 hours.

This portable oscilloscope could be utilized for electronic circuit debugging, design and manufacturing, automobile maintenance and testing, circuit testing, education and training. It can also detect the peak and average values of a waveform, and store as much as 5000 waveform points on each channel.

Introductory Price $395.00

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21 Jun 2011

Soldering irons are the primary tool used for soldering, and we use ours all the time for soldering. But for leadless parts, like QFNs, or ultra-tiny components that need rework, hot air can be superior! [via]

Hot Air Tool – [Link]

7 Jun 2011

For today’s “Toolsday” we’ll be looking at the EX210 multimeter by Extech. It’s a mid-range meter that’ll take all your standard hobby readings like resistance, continuity, voltage, and current, but it also boasts an infrared thermometer and a backlit display. [via]

Toolbox Review: Extech EX210 Multimeter – [Link]





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