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29 Apr 2011

If you’d like to try your hand at turning on a lathe, but don’t want to shell out for a machine, how about printing your own EZLathe? Paul writes: [via]

So I’ve built a complete mini lathe system I’m calling the EZLathe… Fully 3D Printable except a small motor, and a couple pieces of cheap electronics. And able to do small wood turning jobs, or small pieces of pretty much anything.

He designed it in Sketchup and printed it on his Up! 3D printer. The design is still in process, but he’s released the files on his site and intends to create additional documentation soon.

3D-Printed Lathe – [Link]

8 Apr 2011

dangerousprototypes.com [via]

The Atten ADS1062CA is a dual channel digital storage oscilloscope capable of 1Gsamples a second, and an analog bandwidth of 60Mhz. An oscilloscope is a useful piece of equipment when we work on hardware. We use it to find optimal component values, watch reset pins on microcontrollers, or find the source of unwanted noise. See Make’s take on oscilloscopes.

Atten ADS1062CA oscilloscope – [Link]

23 Mar 2011

Justblair writes:

I recently saw a couple of articles on Hackaday regarding the modification of cheap digital callipers. It turns out that as well as being able to interface these callipers to a microcontroller such as an Arduino, there are some hidden functions that are simple to unlock. I was curious because I happen to own a very similar set of callipers already. Well I could not see a perfectly good tool go unmodified for long.

Hacking a Digital Calliper – [Link]

18 Mar 2011

A compact, professional PCB router for producing complete PCBs quickly at very high accuracy. The PCB Prototyper is an ideal tool for use not only by independent developers of electronics but also in laboratories, workshops, schools and colleges where prototype PCBs have to be developed quickly. The Elektor PCB Prototyper eradicates waiting for boards from large PCB manufacturers — instead you can instantly make your own PCB in-house, drastically cutting product development time. More info at http://www.elektor.com/prototyper

Elektor PCB Prototyper - [Link]

12 Mar 2011

Hotsolder repaired his malfunctioning Rigol, A bad rotary encoder can make your tools useless in worst cases. Fortunately it is an easy fix, he has created a slide show demonstrating just how easy it is. [via]

Repair your own oscilloscope – [Link]

11 Mar 2011

omegat shared his hot air soldering station:

I saw an inspiring post on here; which made me creative. The whole thing should be cheaper than an Aoyue hot air soldering station (~85€).

DIY hot air rework station – [Link]

10 Mar 2011

Ariel Rocholl has been working with Seed Studio on an affordable handheld spectrum analyzer called the RF-Explorer.

It’s a sort of Swiss Army Knife for monitoring, testing and diagnosing ISM band digital communications. It currently supports the 433Mhz, 868Mhz or 915Mhz bands and other bands in the works. The RF-Explorer is currently in beta with Seeed Studio. [via]

The ISM Band RF Explorer – [Link]

21 Feb 2011

DIY SMT pick and place prototype. [via]

DIY SMT pick and place prototype – [Link]

17 Feb 2011

The SparkFun Heaterizer XL-3000 heat gun is a handy tool that everyone should have. It’s great for heat-shrink, melting things, and even very basic rework. The size is great for a lot of different applications and it heats up pretty quickly.

Heaterizer XL-3000 Heat Gun – [Link]

14 Feb 2011

Free Downloadable Resistor Value Computer - [Link]





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