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1 Apr 2011

A team of researchers at French WYSIPS (what you seem is photovoltaic surface) claim to have developed a film that’s accurate to within a pixel. The technology they say can provide a high-definition solution applicable to all types of screens. Just like touch screen technology, Wysips is designed to become an integral part of the screen, allowing all tomorrow’s telephones to produce their own power from the sun. [via]

Mobile phones and laptops charge from the sun – [Link]

1 Apr 2011

DIY Solar Recharging TV Remote from Pumping Station: One on Vimeo.

This month, Shawn Blaszak, at Pumping Station: One, shows how to convert a standard TV remote control to solar power. Leave your remote sitting on a sunny windowsill and let it top off the charge in your batteries while you are away from the TV. [via]

Solar Powered Remote Control – [Link]

30 Mar 2011

Solar-powered two-transistor oscillator art installation made from recycled electronic salvage. [via]

Solar-powered audio graffiti – [Link]

22 Mar 2011

Solar panels, hot glue, old CDs, an Arduino, a servo, resistors and LDRs, that’s what luwe1 used to build this solar tracker. [via]

Solar powered Arduino sun tracker – [Link]

18 Mar 2011

Ever wondered about how a Voltaic solar panel is constructed? Here’s a short video showing the the composition of the panel and why its so strong. [via]

Construction of Voltaic Solar Panels – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

An attempt to make a good solar reflector out of mirror pieces and a Direct TV satellite dish

Building a Parabolic Solar Reflector out of a Satellite Dish - [Link]

29 Jan 2011

Make writes: [via]

With the Solar TV Remote project from MAKE Volume 25, you’ll never have to replace your remote control’s batteries again. Instead, just leave it in the sun to charge up! This project is fairly easy and you may already have most of the tools and supplies you’ll need.

Solar TV remote - [Link]

25 Jan 2011

MintyStick! Andrew writes:

Finally, I have succeeding in producing my own variation on the MintyBoost. I found inspiration on this post (http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=18225) on the Adafruit forums. It looks like a stick of gum, and I like it, because it’s single-sided, and because it looked like it would be pretty easy to make at home with my toner transfer setup. I call it the MintStick, because sometimes I don’t like to spend a lot of time trying to come up with good names for things. It’s version 3.0 to indicate compatibility with the MintyBoost 3.0 (since it ought to support the same devices).

MintyStick – Solar Charger – [Link]

20 Jan 2011

The Ecotricity PS1800S is a portable solar generator that charges itself using a large solar panel and produces standby power using a 12 volt 60Ah sealed lead acid battery. The controller also includes a 1800 watt inverter. [via]

Ecotricity PS1800S Portable Solar Generator – [Link]

15 Jan 2011

Sunswift, a team of students at the University of New South Wales, has broken the land speed record for a purely solar powered vehicle. The vehicle hit 88Kph (55Mph) on January 7, 2011. [via]

Sunswift IV, world’s fastest solar-powered racer – [Link]





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