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21 Jan 2011

Tronixstuff has published the first part of their tutorial series on using a GSM cellular modem with the Arduino. In this part they cover hardware interfacing and testing, sending a text message, and embedding data within a message. This part is the latest is a series of Arduino tutorials posted by Tronixstuff. [via]

Tutorial: Arduino and GSM Cellular – Part1 - [Link]

21 Jan 2011

This project shows how to build a 5×8 LED matrix controlled by Arduino and placed on a Jacket. View details on the link below.

Arduino Lilypad – 5×8 LED Jacket – [Link]

16 Jan 2011

This project shows how to connect a LIS302DL 3 axis accelerometer sensor to Arduino. It communicates with Arduino using the I2C protocol.

Arduino & LIS302DL – [Link]

16 Jan 2011

This project shows how to use the BMP085 Barometric Pressure Sensor with Arduino. The BMP085 pressure sensor combines a absolute barometric pressure sensor (aka barometer) with an temperature sensor and communicates with arduino using I2C protocol.

Arduino & Barometric Pressure Sensor BMP085 - [Link]

16 Jan 2011

This project shows how to use the AD7746 capacity sensor with an Arduino board. Read on how to connect it to the Arduino and how to use it to sense touching.

Arduino & AD7746 – [Link]

16 Jan 2011

This project will show you how to make a fading LED using Arduino board. Source code is included.

Fading LED with Arduino - [Link]

15 Jan 2011

Joe McKay of Beacon, NY, writes: [via]

The Tweetagraph uses an Arduino to capture the dots and dashes created by the telegraph. The Ardruino itself is running Firmata (now comes as a built in library with the arduino software) so that it can talk to Processing. The Processing sketch is using the java library twitter4j which handles the communication with the Twitter API.

Tweetagraph – The Tweeting Telegraph! - [Link]

15 Jan 2011

This project is a simulated rain pattern on a LED display using Arduino and LoL Shield. Todd Moore writes: [via]

Building and coding the Arduino Lol Shield has been a lot of fun. My next goal will be to create a game of some kind. I know others have created Pong and Space Invaders. I’d like to come up with something different. Any ideas?

Making it Rain with Arduino! – [Link]

13 Jan 2011

If you want your programs to run more faster or want to squeeze bigger programs to fit in to MCU here is a solution. [via]

Having been frustrated with many of the inefficiencies of the Arduino core libraries, we have built an alternate set with performance and size in mind. Alastair has given a talk at the Canberra Linux User Group about this library – the slides can be viewed on SlideShare.

Programming Arduino more efficiently – [Link]

13 Jan 2011

This project is using the Adafruit protoshield to build a four-contestant gameshow system. RoysterBot writes:

If you have ever watched a TV quiz show you have probably seen contestants trying to press a button in order to win a chance to answer a question. The contestant’s quick reaction time results in some kind of light and/or sound indicating victory. This is a practical way to choose the next focus of the game’s activity and it adds a bit of excitement to the process. So when the holiday party planning committee decided to have a trivia contest I decided to build a quiz contestant lockout system to add an extra dimension of fun to the festivities. This would help the planning committee’s mission of creating some entertaining activities for the event.

The minimum requirements were to have a system with multiple buttons that contestants press for a chance to answer a question. The first one to press the button would lock out the other contestants. The system would need to have a simple way to quickly identify who pushed their button first. And finally the system would need to be reset for the next round.

Considering the venue of the holiday party (an upscale wine bar) I felt that the contestant buttons would be one of the most important features. They needed to be hefty and able to withstand abuse by hoards of “beverage enhanced” partygoers.

Quiz-O-Tron 3000: Arduino quiz contestant lockout system – [Link]





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