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10 Mar 2013


New SSD is designed to considerably boost data processing capability of enterprise servers.

Apacer has launched out an SSD solution featuring the high-capacity, ultra-speed performance, high IOPs (Input/Output Operations Per Second) – SAFD 25P (Serial ATA Flash Drive).  The standardized SAFD (Serial ATA Flash Drive) SSD consists of highly stable SLC (Single-Level-Cell) chip. The SAFD 25P with 2.5-inch 7+15 pin male connectors comes in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. With sequential read and write speeds of up to 265 and 230 MB/sec, respectively, it can enhance system performance and meet user needs for highly stable and reliable storage solutions.

In consideration of cost and capacity for customers, Apacer has introduced a MLC (Multi-Level Cell) Solution offering a cost structure advantage, SAFD 25P-M. The SAFD 25P-M has maximum capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 256GB and 512GB, with sequential read/write speeds reaching up to 260 and 220 MB/sec, respectively.

To work normally in harsh operating environments, Apacer SAFD 25P and SAFD 25P-M employ the guaranteed wide-temp chip, which means it can run stably under industry-level extended-temperature (-40°C ~ 85°C) environments for the highest reliability and longest lifespan. These SSDs also boast a built-in S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) technology and intelligent power failure recovery function to safeguard data and enhance product stability. Detailed information will provide you the  Comparison of Apacer SSDs SAFD 25P series.

In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

SSD Apacer SAFD 25 shifts the borders of speed - [Link]

11 Feb 2013


Lantronix xDirect brings a complete solution of Ethernet connectivity of a serial device to LAN – directly, without an intervention to a device.

The new module – serial / LAN communication interface incorporated into a cable, brings the most simple possible solution how to connect any device with a serial interface with a DB9 connector (RS232, RS422, RS485) into a LAN and use all advantages of a remote access, data acquisition etc.

xDirect can be powered through a DB9 connector, miniUSB-B connector or also via (Power over ethernet). Similarly like Lantronix xPort, even xDirect contains a built-in web-server enabling access and configuration of a device via a standard web browser on a PC, smartphone or a tablet tablet.

xDirect is available in 3 versions – XDT2321002-01-S with the RS232 interface and a power supply adaptor (through a mini USB-B connector), XDT4851002-01-S with the RS232/422/485 interface and a power supply adapter and XDT10P0-01-S with the RS232/422/485 interface and the possibility to be powered via PoE (supplied without a power supply adaptor).

Detailed information will provide you the xDirect flyer, xDirect Quick start and xDirect user guide.
In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Enhance your device with ethernet while you wait – [Link]

6 Feb 2013


In the Hammond 1553 enclosures series now can be found also types with a sufficient space for a keyboard and display.

Series of ergonomic handheld enclosures – 1553 is familiar to many of you. All types from this series provide a reliable grip thanks to a pleasant side overmold, they feature the same shape and they´re available in various sizes. That´s why, it is possible to choose the type exactly bespoken to your requirements. However there was a limitation, if you wanted to use a relatively large keyboard and a spacious display.

This problem is solved by the novelty – 1553T series. It provides a sufficient space for a keyboard and display and at the same time, it is somewhat thicker than other types of 1553 series, what enables to use several PCBs stacked on each other. That´s why, the 1553T series is ideal for various hand-held instrumentation, controllers, data capture and similar applications. The display and keyboard areas are recessed, what provides an additional protection (suitable also for membrane keyboards). 1553T enclosures are available in a black and a light-grey version and also with the battery compartment (battery contacts are included). Removable end panels (1 or 2 depending on version) enable easy modification and a trouble-free usage of connectors, IR components and other.

From a hand-held device, we naturally expect a higher dust and water resistance, what 1553T series with IP54 protection meets sufficiently. Last but not least – a relatively robust construction from a flame retardant ABS plastic and brass bushings give an assumption of a long lifetime and durability.

All 4 versions became our stable stock items, detailed drawings including 3D viewings can be found in datasheets at particular types. On the Hammond website, you can also find CAD files and 3D models. In case of interest in any HAMMOND products please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

HAMMOND 1553T enclosures – keyboard and display in your hand - [Link]

25 Jan 2013


Heat and arcing won´t represent a threat to your health. Dust-off sprays will displace dust simply and efficiently even in harsh environment and from hard-to-reach places.

Who wouldn´t like to have an allround reliable helper – a helper with a long hold-off, which won´t lose his breath after a short work?

Dust off containing a pressurized non-flammable gas is designed for an efficient displacement of dust from electronics, optics, mechanics and other industrial devices. Appropriate air flow and a nozzle ensure an effective and economical dosage. Dust-off series sprays from company Kontakt-Chemie belong to the top-selling products from this producer.

The spray can be used with or without an extension tube, convenient mainly for hard-to-reach places. Dust-off is available in 200ml and also in the 400ml package usable in a vertical position. A special version is the Dust-off 360 usable even in the upside-down position. Because laws of physics are also valid for sprays, after a longer usage at once, the can cools down and the inner pressure decreases. In such case, it is only necessary to wait for a while in order to allow the can to warm-up from surrounding environment.   The advantage of a pressurized air in comparison to other cleaning methods is, that it is possible to direct it accurately only on desired places (what increases efficiency of cleaning) and also, that it doesn´t leave any residues, thus usable on virtually any components.

Detailed information will provide you the Dust-off datasheet. In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Blow the dust away safely with the Dust off spray - [Link]

22 Dec 2012


Issue of our catalogue is different! Inspiration for the development, fast searching, connection to online content, … It is only a couple of innovative contributions for the effective work with it. 

Certainly you know the following saying: Time is money! The more time you have, the richer you are…
With our new Solutions Catalogue you save your time more than once!

  1. More complex overview on the half number of pages
  2. Fast searching
  3. Fast comparison of technical parameters
  4. Simple connection to online content
  5. Inspiration for the development on one place

Soselectronic new Solutions Catalogue save your time more than once! - [Link]

18 Dec 2012


by Publitek European Editors:

If you are serious about the electronics industry, there is really only one event in Europe that you absolutely must attend – electronica. Held every two years in the immense exhibition center in Munich, Germany, which in November accommodated over 2,600 exhibitors from 49 countries, it really is the industry’s premier exhibition and conference. Digi-Key was present, as it has been for the last four events, making sure they were not only meeting the current needs of their European customers, but also future demands, by keeping up-to-date with the latest developments.

For those who were not able to attend, here is a roundup of the most significant developments from this year’s event — and be sure they will soon also be on our stock list for all our customers, wherever in the world they are based.

Electronica 2012 Shows the Latest and Greatest - [Link]

18 Dec 2012


Right-angle LED indicators Kingbright L-1384 series provide a significantly more simple usage in comparison to standard wire-leaded LEDs.

If you have an application, where you need to solder LEDs with wire leads bent into a right angle or even to create a row of such LEDs, then the L-1384 series is the right choice for you. L-1384 consists of a LED assembled into a plastic housing in the way that the wire leads are in the right angle. The fact that the wire leads are shaped from production, eliminates possible damage of the LED at shaping by a customer (malfunction caused by an inner tension can occur after some time). Moreover, LED leads are trimmed to a length suitable for soldering to a PCB.  Plastic housing from the non-flammable nylon (UL94-V0) contains a knop and a groove enabling to interlock LEDs to each other. It also ensures a simple assembly and a trouble-free creation of a uniform row. Black color also increases contrast of the LED.

L-1384 can be found in our offer, in a red, green a yellow color. A relatively low forward voltage in a range of 1.85-2.2V (@20mA) enables a trouble-free usage even in the low voltage applications. In case of interest in any Kingbright component, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Right-angle LEDs enable soldering and assembly in one step - [Link]

16 Dec 2012


Plastic housings Tek-Berry series provide a professional look and a mechanical protection to your applications with well-known Raspberry-Pi microcomputers.

Company Teko launched on the market several versions of housings directly designed for Raspberry-Pi. It is unusual to have a possibility to buy a housing directly designed for a given PCB.

Tek-Berry housings represent such an optimized solution for a concrete type of a product, thus providing an ideal solution with minimal dimensions. Probably the biggest advantage is that all openings are already made. There is no need of laborious drilling or milling. TekBerry housings even contain a light-guide for better visibility of light from indication LEDs.

Tek-Berry housings can be found in our store in a transparent, grey and black version. Upon order, we´re able to provide you other versions too. Detailed information can be found in the Tek-Berry datasheet and the Tek-Berry press release. In case of interest, please contact us at  info@soselectronic.com.

Tek-Berry will make a coat for your Rasberry-Pi - [Link]

15 Nov 2012

Locate component hot-spots  easy but with a cost – [via]

Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced the TLC-100 Kit which features spray-on thermochromic liquid crystals that change color at different temperatures to reveal heat issues on chips and other electronic components.

Applying the liquid crystals enables engineers to visually find hotspots and temperature fields.

TLC-100 liquid crystals are designed for heat transfer studies and mapping heat fields on electronic components or boards. The crystals change color at a specified temperature starting at red, changing to green then blue. For electronics cooling applications, this provides the user accurate information about the location of hot spots on a device, their temperature and temperature gradient.

Spray-on thermochromic liquid crystals reveal hot spots on electronic components - [Link]

12 Nov 2012

More exactly – by a speed of up to 5 Gbps. Elegant, small, but mainly fast USB 3.0 reader is a universal device for transfer of files from all common memory cards.

FPhotos and videos have become a common part of various devices, like for example information panels with touch panels and many other. However multimedia files are usually big files. Nowadays high-capacity memory media enable usage of such big files, but as we know, transfer of such big files can last a considerable time. It is especially obvious when we need to write many-Gigabyte files to several cards.

AM530 can be up to 3-5x faster than usual USB 2.0 readers. It supports advanced specifications like SDHC UHS-I, SDXC UHS-I and CF UDMA6/7 and fully employs the speed of fast memory cards (100 MB/s). Through 5 slots, it supports Compact Flash, SD/ MMC, SDHC, SDXC, micro SD, Memory Stick Pro, memory Stick Duo, M2 and xD memory cards, and it is compatible with USB 2.0/ USB 1.1. Short USB 3.0 cable is included too.

AM530 is a suitable complement to fast industrial memory cards Apacer from our portfolio. AM530 will suit to every workplace also thanks to its elegant design with a brown metallic finish. In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com

Apacer AM530 card reader surprises by its speed - [Link]





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