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17 May 2014


DC/DC switch mode regulators TRACO will save the most precious substance – energy. And now they´re even more affordable thanks to a lower price and better stock.

Maybe, switch-mode regulators are familiar to you from your own praxis or at least from our articles New switch-mode stabilisers Traco TSRN-1 for positive and negative output or Try the effective replacement for standard 78xx regulators and many other.
Fortunately even in this segment it´s true, that thanks to a still bigger popularity of these regulators their price drops down. Moreover, thanks to our close cooperation with the producer – Traco Electronic AG and still bigger stocks we gain a better purchase price and that´s why a better sale price for you as a result. It´s the most obvious in the most popular versions like for example TSR1-2450 and TSR1-24120 with output voltage of 5V or 12V.And the main difference between series TSR1 and TMA? TSR is a so called POL (point of load, non-isolated) regulator, thus it works as “almost lossless load” (buck converter) regulating output power similarly like classic regulators (7805, 7812), only naturally with a substantially higher efficiency. Similarly excellent is also an output voltage stability at a load variation ( typ. 0,4% / 10-100% load). Series TSRxx has the same max. output current for all output voltages, i.e. for example 5V/1A or 12V/1A. In many applications it can be beneficial that TSR operates with up to 36V input voltage.

On the other hand, series TMA is an isolation DC-DC module with an output transformer operating at high frequency (tens to hundreds of kHz). Advantage of the TMA series is a complete galvanic isolation of an output voltage (so called floating voltage) and that´s why it´s suitable even for power supplying of various measuring probes, AD converters and other devices requiring isolated power supply or elimination of ground loops. Despite a significant advantage in a form of an isolated output this type of DC-DC modules has somewhat worse output voltage stability at a load change (max +-10%/20-100% záťaž). Max. output power is constant for a given series (TMA-1W, TMR-2, TEN3-3W, …) i.e. versions with a higher output voltage provide a lower current.

The most comprehensive overview of available DC-DC and AC-DC modules will provide you the short-form Traco catalogue and datasheets at particular types.

Traco TSR, TMA – when every Watt is precious - [Link]

15 May 2014


UDOO as one of the most powerful embedded PC (SOM) of this date breaks borders in the price/ performance ratio.

There are several microcomputers on the market, which usually support OS Linux, Android or Windows. Their usage is so to say unlimited – from simpler devices, where we´ll use mainly a ready-made connectivity (USB, Ethernet, bluetooth, WiFi, …) to more sophisticated applications in combination with TFT LCD and a powerful graphics, video, etc. Each type has its advantages (Voipac, Embedded artists, Beagle board, Friendly ARM, Raspberry Pi, …) and one of the most surprising modules is surely the microcomputer UDOO. UDOO is a powerful single board embedded PC based on a powerful Freescale i.MX6 chip and it´s available in Dual or Quad core version.

In our offer can be found the more powerful Quad version (S975-G000-2100-C2, 1GHz), which is roughly 4x more powerful than for example Raspberry Pi. Power of this microcomputer is already really respectable and it manages various 3D visualizations, videos and (real time) communication through various interfaces. Interfaces – it´s the field where the UDOO excels, because it provides on one board interfaces like Gbit Ethernet, 4x USB, HDMI, WiFi, Touch, 76 GPIO, SATA, camera, microSD,… A big advantage is a full compatibility with an Arduino Mega 2560 platform (hardware and software)..

Functionality of the UDOO microcomputer is very wide and a detailed description can´t be summarized into a short article. The best overview of features and possibilities of this module will give you the attached video as well as basic UDOO user manual.

Do you want a microcomputer which will “handle everything”? - [Link]

12 May 2014


Alan Parekh of Hacked Gadgets writes:

Thanks to Circuit Specialists for sending in this 3 chanel power supply. The Hantek PPS 2320A sure packs in a ton of features for the price. The video below goes through the unboxing of the power supply and a quick run through its features. Overall it functions quite well, there are a few questions that need some clarification. I will have a look through the manual and reach out to the guys over at Circuit Specialists if I can’t find the answers.


Hantek PPS 2320A review - [Link]

10 May 2014


We bring you basic useful accessory of every development and testing workplace – measuring and testing leads in the best available quality.

Whether you measure daily or only sometimes, probably you know, how significantly helpful various accessories can be. Or otherwise – how much time can consume unreliable measuring cables or other accessories, when after a long investigation for a mistake in a design you´ll find, that everything is OK, only a measuring cable had a bad contact …

For everyone who has a will and time to assemble measuring tools we have measuring tips, clips, bananas and other accessories from company SKS (Hirschmann-SKS). For those of you, who better prefer ready-made, professionally made measuring cables, we have an elegant solution in a form of the cables themselves, as well as measuring sets. Such cables and sets are especially suitable for professional workplaces and for a mass usage in assembly and testing.

Company SKS is a long time focused for measuring accessories and its products under a mark SKS-Hirschmann are known by their quality and ergonomics. From the wide production portfolio of SKS can be found in our store for example cables with a banana and a socket for a header MALN series), safety measuring leads (MALSW series), measuring leads with bananas on both sides (MLN), measuring leads with measuring tips, as well as measuring sets – PL2600 or PMS series. All measuring leads are highly flexible and with a thick insulation.

For workplaces with a high risk of damage of measuring leads from for example a hot soldering tip or other heat source are an ideal accessory silicone testing leads series MLS SIL. A „complementary” but very valued feature of silicone testing leads is also their extreme flexibility resulting in a very comfortable work. These leads we´re able to provide you upon order. Detailed information about measuring and testing equipment can be found in the Hirschmann SKS catalogue.

SKS testing lead will be your favorites - [Link]

7 May 2014


Beauty in simplicity – adjustable bimetal thermostat operates independently from a power supply.

Thermal comfort is, when a temperature in a house is 21-24 °C and a relative humidity is …. No, sorry, your device can withstand much more. At least 0 to 60°C or much more. If you have a device, where you need to guide the temperature, then DIN-rail thermostats are the simplest usable solution. Series 7T from company Finder offers a possibility to use such thermostats to control heating, cooling (fans) or their combination…

Besides purely industrial applications, these thermostats can also be used to control temperature in buildings or garages – for example as a frost protection. In our stock can be found five types, mainly with a range of 0 to +60°C. Available are 2 basic series – 7T81 and 7T91. 7T81 is a narrower, only 17.5 mm wide series. Series 7T91 is wider, with a more perforated enclosure, i.e. there´s an assumption of somewhat quicker reaction to temperature changes.

Orientation among types is simple. Types with a suffix …23xx are intended for switching of cooling (blue adjustable knob), i.e. after reaching a set temperature a bimetal contact switches on. Here belong for example types 7T. and 7T.

Types with a suffix …24xx are intended for switching of heating (red adjustable knob), i.e. after reaching a set temperature, a contact switches off. Here belong for example types 7T. and 7T. However in the 7T series can also be found types usable in both ways, for example 7T. (range +5 to +60°C).

Detailed information will provide you datasheets Finder 7T81 (EN) and Finder 7T91 (DE).

Thermostats Finder ensure a thermal comfort to your devices - [Link]

2 May 2014


Thanks to a 15-36V output voltage, it can be connected to almost every LED module and a stable output current of 1050 mA will take care for a reliable operation.

In fact, majority of features of a new a new LED driver (power supply) – LT40-36/1050 WP (1894661) were mentioned in a subject and a preface of this article. But not to be that brief, we can add, that the new LED driver features the same good properties like its familiar descried in the article – Friwo drivers not only drive your LEDs but even control them …. From the basic types it differs mainly by a water-tight design – by encapsulation in a resin, that´s why it also withstands operation in a humid or dusty environment. This version doesn´t have an external input, thus it operates only as “standalone”, in a “constant current, limited voltage” mode. Output voltage 15-36V means, that the LED driver should only supply such a module, whose forward voltage (Vf)at a given current is 15-36V, what in praxis means approx. 6-11 (12) white LEDs in series.

That´s why LT40-36/1050 operates as a power supply, whose open voltage (without a load) is 36V. This voltage remains constant up to 1000 mA current drawing and then the voltage drops down to 15V when a current reaches 1050 mA. This ensures a constant current, i.e. if we for example connect a LED module with Vf=24V, the driver will source 1050 mA current (at 24V). LT40-36/1050WP shouldn´t be used to supply modules with a Vf lower than 15V. In such case, the types handling lower voltages are suitable, for example LT10-16/700 or LT20-28/700. If we wish to reach a maximum power from a given LED driver, it´s naturally beneficial to use a LED module with a Vf on an upper level of an output voltage of a given LED driver (33-36V in this case).

Detailed information will provide you the LT series overview and datasheets at particular types.

LED driver Friwo LT40-36/1050 can be mounted even under an eaves - [Link]

1 May 2014


VFD Moduar Clock IV-4 6-digit  by akafugu.jp:

This new shield design for the VFD Modular Clock is a variant of the original IV-4 shield, but with 6 digits. IV-4 tubes are Russian 16-segment VFD tubes, and can display numerals and the letters A-Z.

We’ve also designed a completely new enclosure for the IV-4 6-digit shield. It uses 2mm semi-transparent blue acrylic, and is designed to give a low-profile rounded appearance.

Creating a 6-digit IV-4 shield without redesigning the base board presented a unique challenge: The HV5812 driver used to drive the VFD tubes has 20 channels. IV-4 tubes are 16 segment displays, 20 – 16 = 4, so in other words the HV5812 driver can only support 4 IV-4 tubes.

New Product – VFD Moduar Clock IV-4 6-digit - [Link]

30 Apr 2014


One of the newest types of enclosures in the Hammond portfolio are ergonomic oval enclosures perfectly suitable for various industrial controllers.

High quality enclosures from the portfolio of producer Hammond n our offer are probably familiar to you. They usually have a classic right-angle shape, perhaps except handheld enclosures series 1553 or also 1553T. This time we have here a novelty which looks quite different from all common enclosures. It is a series of plastic enclosures 1599 Tablet, specially designed for a construction of various control panels using joysticks, touch screens, membrane keyboards and other control elements. Enclosures are developed with an aim to reach an ergonomic shape and just the round corners ensure significantly better grip preventing fatigue of operator´s hands.

Company Hammond comes right with several versions and so we can choose smaller (1599TABM), bigger (1599TABL), light gray (RAL7035) or black, without or with a battery compartment. As usually, an enclosure is supplied with screws and at battery versions also with battery contacts for 4x AA batteries and 2 pcs of 9V batteries (it´s possible to choose, which contacts will be used).

Detailed information will provide you datasheets Hammond 1599TABL, 1599TABLBAT, 1599TABM and 1599TABMBAT.
This novelty is so far available upon order with a short leadtime.

Even in enclosures can be found a tablet – Hammond 1599 - [Link]

28 Apr 2014


Crystals and crystals oscillators from German company Jauch belong to the best what´s available on the market.

If we need an exact frequency, we usually reach for crystals or crystal oscillators. If we want a stable function in a wide temperature range and in various circuits, we reach for products of a renowned producer … Crystals belong to components which we usually choose by a frequency and package. That´s sufficient in the most of cases, but less known and less compared are many other qualitative parameters (which even don´t have to be in the datasheet), which depend mainly on the production technology and from a quality of a crystal itself. Quality (Q), low phase noise, stability of oscillations, low sensitivity to mechanical vibrations and other factors have influence on the final device and its functionality in less favorable conditions in praxis (temperature, load, drive level, aging, …).

Crystals and crystal oscillators from German company Jauch Jauch belong to a top and they´re price affordable at the same time, that´s in our portfolio in this segment can be found only these quality components with guaranteed specification. Production portfolio of company Jauch is very wide, from common crystals in a HC49/U package to miniature SMT versions. Popular and often more beneficial are the ready-made crystals oscillators, which have a built-in electronics of an oscillator and provide directly an output signal of a desired frequency (usually HCMOS). In the Jauch portfolio can also be found voltage controlled oscillators – VCO and also extremely stable temperature compensated crystal oscillators – TCXO. The best insight into basic series will give you the Jauch product overview.

In our stable stock offer can be found series in the HC49/U, low SS4 and SMT SMU4 packages.

Jauch – refined like a crystal - [Link]

26 Apr 2014


To gain an isolated symmetrical voltage for power supplying of operational amplifiers and other circuits requires only a minimal effort – to connect a module Traco TEL 5.

Isolation DC/DC modules Traco series TEL 5 provide a quality stable (regulated) power supply and a state of the art technology in a metal package (DIP24 pinout). In this series can be found types with a single- and also symmetrical power supply and two basic lines for input voltages of 9-18VDC (TEL 5-12xx) and 18-36VDC (TEL 5-24xx). TEL 5 series has an isolation strength (I/O) up to 1500VDC, continuous shortcut protection and a high stability of the output voltage at the load change. That´s why it´s suitable everywhere, where it´s necessary to gain an isolated voltage with a high efficiency up to 86% and with a minimum space requirement. Very beneficial is, that TEL 5 features an excellent price/ performance ratio.On stock we keep two universal modules with a 5V output – TEL 5-2411 and with a symmetrical output ±15V TEL 5-1223.
Detailed information can be found in the TEL 5 datasheet.

TEL 5 – plus and minus with a 5W power - [Link]





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