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30 Jun 2014


by Graham Prophet @ edn.com:

STMicroelectronics has announced limited production of its EnFilm advanced rechargeable batteries that are less than 0.25 mm thick. These paper-thin batteries free designers from the constraints of standard battery sizes for personal technology and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

At 220µm thick and measuring 25.7 x 25.7 mm, ST’s EFL700A39 EnFilm solid-state lithium thin-film battery is suited for use in ultra-low-profile devices. Surface-mount terminals allow direct attachment to the circuit board, which simplifies assembly and eliminates wires and connectors. Optional tape-and-reel packaging allows high-speed automated placement.

EnFilm – rechargeable solid state lithium thin film battery - [Link]

28 Jun 2014


With components from Belden, Hirschmann, Lumberg automation and other brands of company Belden group you´ll solve any challenge in industrial automation.

If you work with sensors, signals and a data transfer in industry in general, then you´re probably familiar with brands like Belden, Hirschmann and Lumberg automation. It´s a less known fact, that all these brands (and other) belong to company Belden group.

We mention all this mainly because some components from Belden group could be found in our portfolio already for some time. As an authorized distributor of Belden we enlarged our cooperation even more and enhanced our offer with another products.

In the Belden group portfolio can be found solutions for:

● industrial networking
● industrial connectivity
● cables and cable assemblies
● machine control (MCS – machine control solutions)
● broadcasting and AV, and many other …

From the point of view of producers of various industrial devices are very interesting industrial connectors, i.e. mechanically very stable and reliable connectors with IP rating for transmission of signals from sensors and also in an opposite way – for controlling (driving) of various actuators. It can be said, that they´re „internationally standardized” and widely used , whether in round versions – so called „sensor connectors“(IEC 61076-2-xxx) of various sizes (M8, M12, M20, …) or rectangular – „valve connectors “ according to DIN EN 175 301-803.

Universal connectors usable for power supply, control and data transmission are another very interesting group of components. Here belong for example CA series connectors.

In many cases it´s more convenient and simpler to use ready-made cables with a connector, often hermetically sealed, providing the highest protection against harsh environment and pollution. Cables are available with a PVC or PUR insulation, and also a welding sparks resistant PUR. Cables are available with one connector (the other end is free, suitable for soldering in or insertion into a connector) and also with connectors on both sided (the same or different types). Also available are cables with an approval for usage in a food industry.

For all cases, when several connectors should be interconnected on one place, are suitable so called distribution boxes (I/O modules) with a various count of connectors (ports).

Another interesting group are components for „Industrial Ethernet“. Here can be found for example Ethernet switch, RJ45/M12 adapters and various interconnecting cables.

In respect to a huge amount of versions and series, we recommend you to have a look at the „Belden Industrial Connecting solutions” catalogue, where you can find particular products comprehensively sorted by given groups. Solutions for other segments can be found on http://www.beldensolutions.com website.

Belden group are more than just cables - [Link]

26 Jun 2014


Modified connector Euroclamp SHM-F is simply more robust. Thanks to this change, it provides a higher reliability and more space for labeling of signals.

Usually, a miniaturization is a trend almost everywhere where we look. However it´s suitable to miniaturize some things/ components only until some level. This trend is very obvious for example in mobile phones, when many of us disappointed by a „micro-miniature“ keyboard rather bought something bigger. Also nowadays smartphones with a touch display are considerably big, as a size of display brings advantages in this case.

Similar situation is also at new cable connectors (terminal blocks) Euroclamp SHM-F. It is an innovated version of the SHM series. Both are screwless, intended for connection with SV or PV series connectors, which we introduced to you in our article -„Do you already have solved a connection to a PCB?“.

Comparison of both versions is best illustrated on the attached pictures – the original version is on the left side and on the right side is the new version. The main fifference is in the thickness of the connector body, which provides bigger robustness ad a sufficient space for signal marking. Also a positon of a release knob of a screwless clamp is “on the opposite side” in comparison to original version, what should provide a more convenient position of wires to a PCB.

Terminal blocks are declared for 160V/8A and a max. wire cross-section is 1.5 mm2. Screwless construction enables a fast connection and eventua exchange of conductors. New version SHM-F replaces type SHM (only available till stock sell-out).

Is a more robust connector better? - [Link]

26 Jun 2014


Saelig Company Inc. (www.saelig.com) has announced the availability of MSO functionality to their range of Rigol DS2000A and DS1000Z scopes.   The mixed-signal extension provides digital signal debug capabilities to the user, allowing simultaneous viewing of analog and digital signals for comprehensive signal analysis. Both models leverage Rigol’s Ultravision technology from the DS6000 series, offering superior performance and functionality in this class.

Designed to reduce test time in research, development and failure analysis applications, the MSO2000A and MSO1000Z series digital oscilloscopes facilitate detecting signal and device characteristics with comprehensive trigger functions, hardware-based real time waveform records, replay, search and analysis functions. The multi-lingual user interface allows easy configuration of the oscilloscopes in the local language.

Saelig – MSO functionality to Rigol DS2000A and DS1000Z scopes - [Link]

23 Jun 2014


Development tools from 8051, PIC, AVR, to ARM, displays, peripherials and virtually all for a successful development can be found in the production portfolio of company Mikroelektronika.

On the beginning there was an idea to bring on the market a user friendly environment (SW and HW) for development of applications with microcontrollers. Success and a big interest for everything, what can make development easier induced a gradual enlargement of production portfolio of company Mikroelektronika. The result is, that today company Mikroelektronika belongs to the biggest producers of development boards for the most favorite platforms like PIC, dSPIC, PIC32, AVR, STM32, Tiva C, 8051. Mikroelektronika development tools are certified as „third party tools“ or „design partner“ by many world companies like Microchip, Atmel, Texas Instruments, STM, Cypress, NXP and other.

Very interesting on the Mikroelektronika products is a comprehensive portfolio is, what means that for a given platform we´ll find software (compiler for mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal), programmer, various versions of development boards, display and various peripherials. It´s worth to mention, that there are really many add-on boards available, for example: GPS, GSM, audio&video, measuring, power-supply, communication, data storage, … Some products of company Mikroelektronika also support a new graphic platform FTDI EVE. A big value for development of graphic applications are SW VisualTFT-(MIKROE-1418) and GLCD.

In our stock offer can be found for example ConnectEVE (MIKROE-1429) board with a 4,3“ display, EVEclick (MIKROE-1430), GPSClick-L10 (MIKROE-1133) and many other.

Is Microelectronics also your profession? - [Link]

20 Jun 2014

Summer offer of company Wago brings us a price-gainful set of favorite clamps together with a quality replica of official ball of incoming championship – Brazuca.

Opportunity to gain a souvenir of a great sport event usually lasts only some time. DVD, poster, mascot and other “gift items” are usually valued and required things. But perhaps the most precious is something, what we can use ourselves. In this case it is a quality replica of the ball Brazuca, which is as known an official ball of world football championship Brasil 2014.

How to gain it? All that is necessary is that you also need well-known and well-proven installation terminal blocks series 2273. At purchase of a special Wago set 887-119 you´ll gain 400 pcs 2273-203, 400 pcs 2273-205, high-quality replica of the ball Brazuca and a practical pump with a needle valve usable also for other balls.

For the price of 89 Eur you´ll gain 800 pcs of installation terminal blocks and a valuable present usable to keep yourself fit :).

Take use of a special offer to have your own “Brazuca” - [Link]

12 Jun 2014


Stylish and mainly functional are new enclosures from Hammond dedicated for miniature computers..

Credit card-sized miniature computers (SBCs) experience big popularity and they´re quite similar as for th shape and size. Here belong for example Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone black, Arduino Uno, Due, Tre, Mega and Freescale Freedom. They´re used as built-in into a target device but often also as standalone. Just for these purposes are suitable ready-made enclosures designed exactly for a given type.

Despite a similar size of various SBC-s, their physical construction and mainly a position of various connectors are different. That´s why Hammond comes with enclosures designed exactly to fit to a given microcomputer. From several available types, in our store can be fopund types for Raspberry Pi (model B) marked as HAMPIxxx and types for BeagleBone black marked as HAMBONxx. As we might expect, all connectors, expansion slots etc. are easily accessible while maintaining a great mechanical protection of the module itself. Enclosures are constructed to be closed by a “click”, that´s why no tools are necessary to open or close them. Particular details are probably best illustrated on the attached pictures.

Detailed information can be found in the 1593HAMBONE and 1593HAMPI datasheets.

Place your BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi into a stylish enclosure - [Link]

8 Jun 2014


1,6V rechargeable batteries experience “rebirth” and bring several advantages in comparison to 1,2V NiCd accumulators

Experts in electrotechnics might say, that these are a long-time known batteries invented already by Edison thus being no novelty at all. That´s true but in contrast to older tyes is in technological advance of electrolyte and electrodes so as to reach a substantially higher lifetime that few decades ago.

So what´s interesting about these rechargeable batteries? By one sentence, NiZn cell has an output voltage of approx. 1.65V, what´s about 0.4V more than NiMH/ NiCd cells.
At the same time they´re able to provide a high current, similarly like NiCd/ NiMH cells, that´s why they´re also usable in devices with high current demands (conductivity of Zinc is about 15% than Cd). NiZn cells are easily recyclable and they´re very environmentally friendly. Another benefits:

  • energy density of NiZn cells is about a third higher than that of NiCd cells (Wh/kg and also Wh/liter).
  • higher voltage (1,6-1,8V) enables to reach a higher voltage of „battery-packs“ with a lower count of cells
  • lifetime is comparable with NiCd cells
  • no memory effect, trouble-free recharge to 100%
  • flat discharging characteristics, average voltage aprox. 1,6-1,7V

It is recommended to recharge NiZn cells by C/4 to 1C current (i.e. for example 500 mA to 2000 mA for a 2000mAh cell) while observing a max. voltage of 1.9V/ cell. It´s not recommended to leave cells at a so called “trickle charging” as overcharging might decrease lifetime of cells. Naturally, like in case of almost all rechargeable batteries, the highest lifetime can be reached at operation on a partial discharge (not to a deep discharge). It´s worth to say, that NiZn are not an ideal replacement into devices with a very small power consumption ( e-g- remote controllers), where still win primary alkaline cells.

In our offer can be found NiZn cells themselves: 4AA2500mWh1.6V BP4 and 4AAA900mWh1.6V BP4 as well as a set – charger + cells (4xAA+4xAAA) NizN Charger + Accu. This charger charges by 500 mA current (AA/AAA) and monitors each slot individually. During recharging a LED at agiven slot blinks slowly (1x/s) and after finishing of recharge it shines continuously. In case of a faulty cell it blinks quickly (4x/s).

NiZn rechargeable batteries – when Nickel and Zinc create a strong pair - [Link]

5 Jun 2014


When a tool becomes a legend, usually there must be a good reason for it. This is also the case of Voltcraft mark.

Voltcraft has become legendary as a mark almost “from day to day” when in th year 1982 introduced on the market the first digital multimeter Voltcraft 6010 affordable for wide range of customers (for 139 DM), when other common tools were sold for about 300 DM. Already in the first year over 100 000 pcs were sold. Naturally, only the price wouldn´t cause such attention, but it was remarkable, that this tool offered (at a given price) practically the same functionality as other significantly more expensive tools.

This philosophy of an excellent price/ performance ratio together with technical innovations maintains mark Voltcraft up to day and nowadays multimeters represent somewhat like a golden middle way between usual quality meters and top level professional types, as for the quality and also as for the price. Voltcraft often brings innovations, which can´t be found at other equipment or we only find them after some time …

Despite a very affordable price, we can find at Voltcraft tools some features of top-level equipment, for example:

● optically insulated interface for communication with PC, possibility to combine data from several meters in one window
● robust fuse with a disconnecting ability of 1000V/30kA
● lock against insertion of measuring leads into a device if a rear cover is not closed (at a battery exchange)
● low pass filter (LPF below 1kHz) for interference suppression at measuring of AC voltages
● possibility to measure at a decreased impedance (400 kOhm) to suppress interference
● possibility to measure by a clamp accessory (display shows A, mA)
● they´re available with a calibration certificate (at an extra price)
● majority of types has a max. reading of 5999 or up to 39999
● usually they´re CATIV/600V, CAT III/1000V class
● also available types with a resolution of 0,01 Ohm
● measuring of capacity with 10 pF or even 1 pF resolution
● usage of OLED display (VC890)

In our offer can be found a few types attached below this article. A comprehensive comparison of basic features illustrates attached picture and detailed information ca be found in datasheets at particular types.

Multimeters Voltcraft – above-standard quality for an appropriate price - [Link]

30 May 2014


This is the portable version of the Xminilab. The Xminilab Portable is a small mixed signal oscilloscope with an arbitrary waveform generator and protocol sniffer.


  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: Simultaneous sampling of analog and digital signals
  • Advanced Trigger: Normal / Single / Auto, with rising or falling edge and adjustable trigger level
  • Meter Mode: Average, Peak to peak and Frequency readout
  • XY Mode: Plot Lissajous patterns, See the phase difference between two waveforms
  • Spectrum Analyzer with different windowing options and selectable vertical log
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cursors with automatic waveform measurements
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Sweep on all parameters
  • Display options: Persistence, Different grid options, and more
  • Curve tracer function

Xminilab Portable Small Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 2.42″ OLED - [Link]





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