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16 Jan 2011

This project shows how to build a LED flickering torch that would mimic an actual fire torch. The torch is based on ATMega324P and a RGB LED.

LED Flickering Torch – [Link]

15 Jan 2011

This project is a simulated rain pattern on a LED display using Arduino and LoL Shield. Todd Moore writes: [via]

Building and coding the Arduino Lol Shield has been a lot of fun. My next goal will be to create a game of some kind. I know others have created Pong and Space Invaders. I’d like to come up with something different. Any ideas?

Making it Rain with Arduino! – [Link]

13 Jan 2011

Jer writes:

Recently, I tested the 0832 LED Matrix Board that I purchased from Sure Electronics. Since I have a simple AVR microcontroller breakout board and a PIR sensor that senses motion, I decided to make something fun using the 0832 LED Matrix Board.

Motion Activated Message Display – [Link]

13 Jan 2011

All BlinkM-family devices can have their firmware updated. This makes them great for tiny development boards for ATtiny processors. ReflashBlinkM is an application that makes it easy to put back the original firmware or update a BlinkM to the latest firmware.

ReflashBlinkM: Update your BlinkM’s firmware – [Link]

13 Jan 2011

Ruijc writes:

After some weeks without any free time for new projects, i give you my new led tester with brightness control. From time to time i need to test some leds and before i had a battery with a resistor hanging on to teste them. This is by far the worst solution to have on my workbench. Therefore i decided to make this led tester to include in my workbench’s tools and it is capable of changing the brightness and connect bicolor leds.

Led Tester – [Link]

12 Jan 2011

Using the 4001 quad nor gate CMOS IC and a few other basic parts, build this simple alternating LED flasher.

How to make an alternating LED flasher – [Link]

12 Jan 2011

supes writes:

I made this as a quick project I made to use a lot of the LEDs I recently got. It basically connects via a 555 8 pin IC and allows for adjusting the time between the flashings by changing the resistor or capacitor values. It provides for a cool looking effect in a dark room. Use your favorite color LEDs and enjoy!

41 LED Flasher Circuit using 555 IC – [Link]

11 Jan 2011

This project is a LED reading lamp using SMD Leds.

At night, when I read in bed and my wife is trying to sleep, the lamp on the night stand is kinda bright and obnoxious and, even though she says it doesn’t, the light disturbs her. I had been using a little USB-powered LED lamp that I bought for my laptop on long night time airplane rides. However, I can’t charge my iPhone while I’m using that light. Only one USB cable available at the night stand. Also, that light isn’t quite bright enough for my liking. What to do?

LED Reading Lamp – [Link]

11 Jan 2011

This project is a LED mood lamp using SMD RGB leds mounted on a dodecahedral assembly of custom circuit boards. In that way the light pattern is even. [via]

The first thing I did was devise a plane for the “bulb.” I decided to go with a dodecagon, which I believe means a 12-sided object. Actually, I had no idea what one of these things was called. I just figured that I needed pentagons to make something more globe-like than a cube. I wanted light to emanate outward from this bulb thing like a light bulb, but with as few sides as possible. The sides were no doubt going to be PCBs, so the less complex, the better. Not that this wasn’t one of the most complex circuit boards I’ve ever built in my short time as a hobbyist circuit builder.
A potentiometer controls the dimming of the LEDs. The other knob on the breadboard is a rotary encoder. This allows the user to change the mode of the lamp from a plain white for reading to an auto-cycling rainbow of colors to a user-selectable color. The built-in pushbutton changes the mode. The rotary encoder’s knob changes the speed of the auto-cycling colors or the user-selected color.

LED mood lamp – [Link]

7 Jan 2011

This project is a LED that lights as a heartbeat.

Heartbeat with led light – [Link]





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