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18 Nov 2010

This project is a 7×5 LED Scrolling display based on Attiny2313. It uses easy to find components. Check schematic and PCB boards on the link below.

7×5 LED Scroller on Mini Attiny2313 - [Link]

18 Nov 2010

Patrick Mccabe’s build this Pong game based on Arduino board and 8×8 LED modules controlled by MAX7219CNG LED matrix driver IC from Maxim. The game is controlled using two potentiometers and is build using professionally made PCB boards. Each LED module has it’s own little control PCB. Check construction details on the link below.

DIY Pong gaming console – [Link]

13 Nov 2010

Brad @ bradsprojects.com shows us how to use 8 RGB LEDs to make a POV display. To produce the display image hex code he uses an excel spreadsheet and then he programs the HEX code to the PIC. The display data is stored on an EPROM that allows to store large messages. Check the video above.  [via]

8×85 Pixel RGB LED POV Display - [Link]

13 Nov 2010

This is a POV led display on helicopter blades. It displays the Marquette University’s “MU” logo. Check it out.

HeliPOV – [Link] + [Update]

12 Nov 2010

This project is a keyboard light using 5 RGB Leds based on ATMega328 and Arduino clone platform. The device is communicating with the PC using serial port connection to set the desired color. The color mixing is done using PWM control of leds and 2907A transistors. Check the project on the link below.

Arduino Clone Powered RGB Light – [Link]

11 Nov 2010

This tutorial shows how to use a RGB LED Strip to make it fade through the rainbow colors. It talks about the analog and digital type of LED strips but the tutorial uses the analog type to demonstrate their use. It shows how to solder them, how to use a transistor to drive the LEDs and how to produce PWM signal using an Arduino. Check it out on the link below.

RGB LED Strip Tutorial - [Link]

11 Nov 2010

This project shows how to build a LED holiday tree using a custom made circuit board. The circuit board is made using a Dremel rotary tool and doesn’t require any etching chemicals. You use the Dremel tool to cut a copper into a tree shape and route the two separate PCB sections that will power the LEDs. The LEDs and resistors will be soldered at the surface of the board. The result is pretty nice. Check the construction PDF on the link below.

DIY custom circuit board holiday tree - [Link]

11 Nov 2010

Schemer is a tiny programmable button that helps you easily make interactive projects. The new feature that it adds is that it doesn’t require a programmer to program it but can be programmed using your monitor. You program it by holding it in front of your monitor. You only need your web browser. No wires, and no extra hardware or software to install. This is done using a light sensor to read the program.  [via]

Schemer: programmed using your monitor - [Link]

10 Nov 2010

ladyada.net has write a new article on how to use LEDs for people making their first steps on electronics. It talks about LED polarity, the various kinds of LEDs, what are LEDs used for, changing the brightness with resistors, changing the brightness with voltage, learn how to calculate the current limiting resistor etc.

How to use LEDs introduction- [Link]

9 Nov 2010

This project shows how to build your own LED ring light. “Alan” bought a stereo microscope from ebay and wanted a powerful light source, so he machined one using a lathe. The light ring comprise of SMD LEDs and a block of lexan. He machined it to include slots for the LEDs as well as the microscope mount. Check photos and construction details on the link below.

Make your own Ring Light - [Link]





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