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23 May 2010

This is a novel flasher circuit using a single driver transistor that takes its flash-rate from a flashing LED. The flasher in the photo is 3mm. An ordinary LED will not work. The flash rate cannot be altered by the brightness of the high-bright white LED can be adjusted by altering the 1k resistor across the 100u electrolytic to 4k7 or 10k.

Super Bright Led Flasher - [Link]

22 May 2010

This project is a 8×16 LED pixel array controlled by ATtiny861 microcontroller. It’s cappable to display various images and schemes . There is total 128 LEDs controlled by mcu which is running at 20MHz. Check construction details on the link below. [via]

ATtiny861 Christmas LED Display shows images - [Link]

21 May 2010

While SMT leds typically have a dot or small green line indicating their cathode, it can be hard to remember.  A quick way to test a LED is by touching the ends with a multimeter….. read more on the link below.

Use Multimeter Beep to Find SMT LED Polarity - [Link]

20 Apr 2010

There is a survey running on softwareadvice.com about LED vs fluorescent tubes. Specifically, if LED tubes are ready for widespread commercial use, and if they will replace fluorescent tubes. Read this very nice article and participate on the link below.

Are LED Fluorescent Tubes Ready for Prime Time? - [Link]

14 Apr 2010

This project is an RGB led controller based on Microchip PIC18F2550. Color change can be depended on temperature or CPU load, or screen. Controller board communicates via USB with setup application that helps change the color of leds. Schematic, code snd PCBs are available on the link below.

Full Color USB LED-Controller - [Link]

28 Mar 2010

This is a LED strobe based on PIC12F629. Microcontoller sends control pulses to the LED and make it flash. The ouput transistor is delivering 100mA to the LED at each pulse. There is also four jumpers providing options for changing the pulse width, strobe repeat interval and single or double strobe flash. PCB, schematic and source code is available on the link..

LED Strobe using PIC12F629 - [Link]

27 Feb 2010

Gadre writes:

I have been using an eye loupe for viewing small electronic components, inspecting PCBs etc. However I was intrigued the other day when I saw this illuminated LED eye loupe at Sparkfun and I thought I should make my own. The instructable shows how to adapt an ordinary eye loupe to an illuminated LED eye loupe. [via]

How To Make an Illuminated LED Eye Loupe - [Link]

22 Feb 2010


Cree Inc a leader in LED lighting industry announces the commercial availability of high power leds rated at 208 lumens per watt running on 350mA current. That’s one of the most powerfull leds available today with many applications in a wide variety of fields and an efficacy record for leds. The led future seems bright!

White power led at 200 lumen/watt - [Link]

21 Jan 2010

The exponential growth of LED lighting has ushered in a vast selection of integrated circuit devices to provide controlled power to LEDs. This article describes some basic LED theory and several techniques used to provide dimming control to switched-mode LED drivers. Read more on the link below

Dimming Techniques for Switched-Mode LED drivers - [Link]

25 Dec 2009

Building a high-power LED light with adjustable color temperature.

jiskar writes:

The goal of this project is to develop an energy efficient lighting system that not only produces light, but that produces light with a color and spectrum that actually has a positive influence one one’s biological and mental state. Just like sunlight.

Color temp tunable lamp prototype - [Link]





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