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28 Sep 2010

The project is “Motorized Curtain” with Remote control. It is made up of MCU ATMEGA328 with Arduino BootLoader, motor driver L293D ( i used L293B with external diodes, because i couldn’t find L293D ), IR Receiver TSOP 1738, DC Motor from an old printer and other small parts.

Motorized Curtain with Remote control – [Link]

25 Sep 2010

This project is a servo tester based on PIC16F690 and with code written in C. The timing loop is a crude one relying on a simple tight loop, so the pulses are not massively accurate.The board has four modes of operation, selected using TACT switches with the status indicated on LEDS built into the switches .

Servo Tester Module – [Link]

25 Sep 2010

This article discuss the way to control a Stepper Motor using the Parallel Port of the PC. The parallel port signal is controlling the speed, the direction and the step size of the motor. [via]

If you are interested in robotics, motion control, or just want to learn about this widely used motor in almost every electronic gadget like floppy drives, printer, scanner, robots, every device; then you should try building this versatile stepper motor control.

Stepper Motor Control through Parallel Port – [Link]

17 Sep 2010

This article discuss how to implement a Brushless DC Motor Controller. It’s not complete yet but gives some literature on the topic. It talks about what a BLDC motors is and what are the methods of controlling such a motor. There will be updates on the progress.

Implementing a Brushless DC Motor Controller – [Link]

15 Sep 2010

This project shows how to build a DIY laser CNC machine using parts from old printers and a CD-ROM. The laser diode using is rated at 1W. With this machine you are able to:

  • Cut paper
  • Engrave wood and cardboard
  • Engrave plastic
  • Engrave PCBs etc


DiY: How to build a homemade Router Laser CNC – [Link]

3 Sep 2010

Pulse Width Modulation is the most common way to control the speed of a DC motor. This project describes how to use the hardware PWM built inside PIC12F683 for motor speed control. The PIC12F683 reads analog voltage output of a potentiometer and accordingly changes the duty cycle of PWM wave to set the speed of the motor. Since the PWM duty cycle input is 8-bit and ADCs in PIC12F683 are 10 bits, only the 8 most significant bits from ADC output are used. This gives 256 different speed levels. The software is written in mikroC.

DC Motor Speed Control using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) – [Link]

1 Sep 2010

Th1, the 50K thermistor, is a standard type. Mine was a bar or rectangular looking thingy. Available from Tandy/Radio-Shack. Almost any type will do. I experimented with different models from 22K to 100K
and all worked fine after replacing the trimmer pot. The one used in the above circuit diagram was a 50K model. This 50K was measured at exactly 25 °C and with 10% tolerance.

Automatic Fan Controller – [Link]

1 Sep 2010

The 555 Ic is wired as an astable and the frequency is constant and independent of the duty cycle, as the total resistance (R charge + R discharge, notice the diode) is constant and equal to 22Kohm (givin a frequency of about 1Khz, notice the hum).

Simple DC motor PWM speed control – [Link]

31 Aug 2010

user “abbtech” writes:

The heart of the PWM Fan Controller is a PIC 12F675 microcontroller. This microcontroller is reading the analog output of a LM35 temperature sensor using a ADC (analog to digital converter) . The resulting digital value is converted to a temperature and a fan is powered proportionally to how hot the sensor is.

PIC 12F675 PWM Fan Controller – [Link]

31 Aug 2010

This project is a PWM Fan controller based on PIC18F25K20. It offers a variable speed control, low acoustic noise, reliability, long lifetime, low power consumption, protection features. The MCU get the temperature from the sensor (D18B20), and after will do a conversion Celsius degrees and then it´s generated a PWM on PORTC.2 with 6 different levels.

PIC PWM Fan controller – [Link]





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