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28 Mar 2010

This is a 1.2-volt single transistor flyback (Joule Thief) circuit that features a third coil. With it, flash duration and brightness is much enhanced, even with just a 10uF capacitor, as can be seen in the following schematic

1.2v LED Flasher – Joule thief  – [Link]

28 Mar 2010

This is a LED strobe based on PIC12F629. Microcontoller sends control pulses to the LED and make it flash. The ouput transistor is delivering 100mA to the LED at each pulse. There is also four jumpers providing options for changing the pulse width, strobe repeat interval and single or double strobe flash. PCB, schematic and source code is available on the link..

LED Strobe using PIC12F629 – [Link]

27 Mar 2010

This project describes how to build an IR remote control extender / repeater to control your electronic appliances from a remote location.

An IR detector module receives IR signal from remote control and two IR leds are re-emitting the signal to the appliance. You can place the IR emitting leds close to the device you would like to control using some wire and keep main unit close to remote control location.

IR remote extender – [Link]

26 Mar 2010

Screenscope is a standalone oscilloscope. That means that you just connect a monitor and a mouse on the box and you have a full screen oscilloscope. There is no computer required and no software to install. Features are:

  • 50MHz real-time capture
  • 240 MSPS
  • 2 channel
  • FFT
  • Display 1024 x 768 with large trace area
  • Math functions
  • more

Screenscope: a standalone oscilloscope – just connect a monitor – [Link]

25 Mar 2010

This is a project using TMP275 digital thermometer sensor. The heart of the project is an ATMEL micro that talks to temperature sensor via I2C.  Temperature is displayed on 7 segment displays. Source code and schematics are provided on the link below.

TMP275 digital sensor thermometer – [Link]

25 Mar 2010

LM3404 is a switching regulator designed to power high brightness LEDs. Output current is delivered from intergrated power MOSFET and can be 1A. LED brightness is dimmable via PWM. The IC also intergrates LED open protection, thermat protection etc.

LM3404: 1.0A Constant Current Buck Regulator for High Power LED – [Link]

23 Mar 2010

This handy breadboard header for ATTiny 25/45/85 microcontroller is a new design based on the original idea from Tinkerlog. Maybe the most useful feature is that it can provide power to the vertical breadboard strips while connecting all six port pins to the horizontal strips. Other features are :

Breadboard header for ATTiny 25/45/85 – [Link]

23 Mar 2010

This project is based on a probe logic states, capable of measuring levels from TTL (5v) to state levels of PLC’s (24v). For this we have employed the use of the PIC 12F683 microcontroller, which by its nature is capable of operating at low voltages, in this case 3vcc, besides having analog inputs and internal oscillator.

Logic Probe Plus – [Link]

23 Mar 2010

This power supply was designed for ham-radio use and has been in operation for over 10 years.

13.8V/40A Stabilized Power Supply – [Link]

23 Mar 2010

We introduce a nice project of Francois DRUILHE. Project is called “Solar Mailbox”.  The purpose of this project is to develop a self sufficient Mailbox (real one) that will be powered only by the sun and that will display the number of the house, but only in accordance with the battery level. The system must work autonomously when there is or not enough light to charge the battery.

Solar Mailbox project – [Link]





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