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31 May 2010


A photo-etching walkthrough to show how I make my own printed circuit boards (PCB) at home.

Photo-etching printed circuit board (homebrew PCB) – [Link]

31 May 2010

user MasterClockMaker on instructables.com build an Arduino-based master clock for schools. Get to know more on the link below.

Arduino-based master clock for schools – [Link]

31 May 2010


Popcorn Demo from Gadget Gangster on Vimeo.

This clock announces the time using your own voice!

Make a Talking Clock – [Link]

31 May 2010


Video streaming by Ustream

Flash Destroyer is a device that writes and verify an EEPROM  memory until it fails. According to manufacters a flash memory can be written a million times. This device is going to verify this pushing flash memory to it’s limits. The times the memory is written is displayed on 7-segment LED displays. [via]

Test your (EEPROM) memory with the Flash Destroyer – [Link]

31 May 2010

Located in a cave more than a mile underground in Canada, SNO can be thought of as a type of telescope, though it bears little resemblance to the image most people associate with that word. It consists of an 18-meters-in-diameter stainless steel geodesic sphere inside of which is an acrylic vessel filled with 1000 tons of heavy water (deuterium oxide or D2O).

Attached to the sphere are 9,522 ultra-sensitive light-sensors called photomultiplier tubes. When neutrinos passing through the heavy water interact with deuterium nuclei, flashes of light, called Cerenkov radiation, are emitted. The photomultiplier tubes detect these light flashes and convert them into electronic signals that scientists can analyze for the presence of all three types of neutrinos. Lawrence Berkeley Nat’l Lab – Roy Kaltschmidt [via]

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) – [Link]

31 May 2010

Instructables user janw build an automatic medication dispenser that helps people who take a lot of medication to take their medication at exact time. This machine gives out the right pills the right momment along with an alarm notification. [via]

Automatic medication dispenser – [Link]

30 May 2010

This tutorial shows you how to expand IO ports using daisy chained shift registers. i.e. control 16 LEDs with 3 control lines.

Introduction to 74HC595 shift register – Controlling 16 LEDs – [Link]

28 May 2010

uOLED-32028-P1T is an Active Matrix OLED Module with Touch screen sized at 2.83″. OLED screen is controlled by a PICASO-GFX graphics controller using code that runs on host controller or by serial commands send by an external microcontroller. In that way it can be a stand-alone add-on to any project. In this article learn how to quick start using this module.

Using uOLED-32028-P1T 2.4″ OLED Module – [Link]

25 May 2010

The nature of technology is its constant disappearance into the background of our lives. The things that once seemed so new and outlandish that they might as well be magical are now old hat, and have become the inventions and innovations we rely on without a second thought. The following tech milestones changed the world by making everything from communications to health different than it used to be, and they’re now a part of our everyday lives…

10 Tech Milestones That Changed The World – [Link]

25 May 2010

Ramiro Pareja Veredas of Spain build one of the most impressive bussines card ever seen, it’s actually a USB card that can be used to store data, log data or as a PIC training board. It has onboard a PIC 24FJ64GB002 @ 32 MHz, 64 KB of Flash and 8KB of RAM, Up to 11 digital I/Os available, Up to 4 analog channels etc. Check it out! [via]

  • 16 bits microcontroller PIC 24FJ64GB002 @ 32 MHz (16 MIPS)
  • 64 KB of Flash and 8KB of RAM. External SPI or I2C memory optional (up to 32MB)
  • Up to 11 digital I/Os available (Four of them tolerant to 5 volts)
  • Up to 4 analog channels.
  • ICSP port for debugging and programming. The 3 pins of the ICSP connector can be also used as GP I/Os.
  • PIC 24FJ64GB002 PCB business card – [Link]





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