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9 Jul 2010

An easy to follow tutorial on how to make a 1 layer PCB, from building the CAD circuit to soldering the components on the board, uses the toner transfer method.

 Homemade PCB (Etching) – [Link]

5 Jul 2010

This project shows how to build a star-tracker. A star-tracker is a device used to help amateur astronomers to take clear pictures of the sky by following the earth rotation. Using a tracker, sky appears steady. Check construction details on the link below. [via]

Build a star-tracker for your camera – [Link]

5 Jul 2010


This instructable shows how to build a USB powered LED lamp that can be switched on and off with a wave of your hand. Also learn how to make curved PCBs. [via]

How-To: Make a touchless switch LED lamp – [Link]

2 Jul 2010

Seeeduino Film is an arduino compatible board completely made on flexible PCB. Check details on the link below [via]

Seeeduino Film – [Link]

2 Jul 2010

Kurt Schulz build a Scooterputer which is a scooter computer based on Arduino platform a custom sensor shield and Liquidware touchscreen OLED display. Main features are: [via]

* Battery voltage indicator
* Time and date
* Temperature
* Lean gauge with resettable max L-R indicators
* Current speed
* Resettable max speed indicator
* Odometer
* 2 resettable trip meters
* Latitude and longitude readouts
* Compass heading readout
* GSM/GPRS quad-band cellular module

Arduino-based scooter computer – [Link]

2 Jul 2010

This clock consists of three multimeters, the first meter displays hours, the second displays minutes and the last displays seconds. A 16F628A PIC microcontroller keeps track of time and outputs a calculated current to each meter to display the current time. [via]

Multimeter-clock – [Link]

2 Jul 2010

@ luckylarry.co.uk you can find Arduino and various other projects and tutorials. Check it out

Arduino Weblinks & Projects – [Link]

2 Jul 2010

This tutorial will teach you how to use the I/O ports on an AVR microcontroller. I will be using an Atmega8 but the general principles apply to any AVR microcontroller.

Introduction to I/O Registers – [Link]





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