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1 Aug 2010

The circuit above is able to flash a 1.7V or 2.0V LED using 1.5V DC input battery. It is a charge pump design.

1.5V powered LED flasher – [Link]

1 Aug 2010

In this article learn about the LM3914 Dot/Bar Display Driver IC. This IC reads an analog voltage and converts this value to a display of 10 LEDs in bar or dot format. This is a nice component to experiment with. On the video above see a demonstration of LM3914 as a voltmeter with a range of 0~5VDC.

The LM3914 Dot/Bar Display Driver – [Link]

1 Aug 2010

In this instructable learn how to build a solar panel from scratch. User “hastyhost” couldn’t find a video shown the entire process of building a solar panel so he decided to make one himself. The photovoltaic panel he build is rated at 63 Watt. Follow the link below to find out how to start.

How To Build A Solar Panel – [Link]

1 Aug 2010

In this Instructable find out how to control LCD’s with an ATmega8 and Bascom.

Getting started with LCD’s and Microprocessors – [Link]

1 Aug 2010

This project is an AVR spectrum analyzer based on Atmega8 AVR microcontroller an operational amplifier and a few other components. It uses HD44780 compatible LCD or VFD and supports following displays: 16×2, 20×2, 24×2, 20×4.

AVR acoustic spectrum analyzer – [Link]

1 Aug 2010

In this instructible user wkter show us how to drive a Nokia 3310 LCD screen using an ATmega8 microcontroller. The goal is to make LCD communicate with a PC’s USB port. To achieve that LCD is connected to ATmega8 using SPI interface and then connect ATmega to a PC using V-USB.

Connecting a Nokia 3310 LCD using an AVR – [Link]





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