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26 Aug 2010

This Phone FM transmitter connects in series to your telephone line and transmits the telephone conversation over the FM band when you pick up the telephone handset. Transmitted signal can be tuned by any FM receiver. The circuit includes an “On Air” LED indicator and also provides a switch which can be used to turn off the transmitter.

Phone FM Transmitter – [Link]

26 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a simple and low cost programmer for PIC microcontrollers.  The PCB is single sided and electronic components used are easy to find. Building this programmer you can burn your own PICs using the serial port of your PC.

Build your own PIC programmer – [Link]

26 Aug 2010

In this youtube video watch what happens when you overcharge a LiPo battery. As you understand a  LiPo battery is extremely hazardous if mishandled. Please pay attention to the warnings for this type of battery!

LiPo Battery explosion – [Link]

25 Aug 2010

Light Emitting Diodes more frequently known as LEDs are semiconductor devices that converts electricity in to light. It hard to find a gadget or other device that doesn’t use LED diodes. They are cheap they are simple to use and they are small. LEDs can emit different light colour depending on different chemical compound material in a semiconductor.

Driving LEDs – things everyone needs to know – [Link]

25 Aug 2010

This project is an Arduino rocket launcher with digital count-down display. An Arduino, ULN2003 chip, a relay and a dot matrix LED display build up this project. When the button is pressed, countdown starts and when it reaches zero Arduino triggers the relay where the ignition is connected. [via]

Arduino rocket launcher with count-down – [Link]

25 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a prime number generator based on ATtiny2313. Scott writes: [via]

For the last several weeks I’ve been hacking together a small prototype of a microcontroller (ATTiny2313)-powered prime number generator. I can finally say that it (the prototype) is complete, functional, and elegant.

ATtiny2313 prime number generator – [Link]

25 Aug 2010

This project shows how to make an alarm system that could fit into your pocket. It can even fit inside a Zippo lighter. [via]

It works by sending out a modulated infrared signal. The detector then senses any of the reflected signal, this is how it knows if anyone has passed by.

The main board contains a Picaxe chip. There is a mode select button which allows you to cycle through the different detection methods and alerts. It runs off of 3 x AG-13 button cells and can sense up to 15cm+ in good conditions.

Zippo Burglar Alarm – [Link]

25 Aug 2010

In Eye Mario, the latest creation by Waterloo Labs, players can control a Nintendo game using only eye movement. The system, created using NI Multisim, Single-Board RIO and LabVIEW replaces the traditional Nintendo controller with a system that interprets eye movement as a means for controlling motion within Nintendo.

Eye Mario – Controlling Nintendo with Eye Movement – [Link]

25 Aug 2010

This tutorial will tech you how to take great photos of your projects. It focuses mainly on electronics projects and will guide you through the entire process. Here you can find many electronic stock photos for free. [via]

This tutorial by John De Cristofaro (johngineer) aims to teach you how to take photos of your hacks and projects for sharing on the web, and perhaps even in print. It focuses on smaller items, less than 6”x6”x6” in size. Bigger projects present their own unique problems that are beyond the scope of this article. However, you can always “scale up” the methods presented here to take pictures of larger subjects, at least to a point.

Take great photos of your projects – [Link]

24 Aug 2010

Jeri Ellsworth show us how she build EL wire and electroluminescent displays. In the first video above, she shows how she twisted the enameled and bare wires to create the EL wire detailed in her previous vid. In the second video above, she shows how she used some etched junk circuit board and Luxprint EL ink to create an electroluminescent display. [via]

EL wire and display hacking with Jeri Ellsworth – [Link]





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