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24 Dec 2010

Cree’s new XLamp® CXA20 LED array is the first lighting-class array aimed at accelerating the LED lighting revolution and can enable a 60-watt A-lamp equivalent while consuming just 11 watts.

LED array delivers record 1050 lumens at 11 watts – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

Mark Houston writes:

While looking through the local (Jaycar) electronics store catalogue I came across a Magnetic Cartridge Preamp Kit (Cat. No. KC5433). It uses two LM833 Operational Amplifiers (op-amps) and cost $AU39.95. Naturally, the op-amps can be upgraded with higher performance versions.

DIY Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier Kit – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

This RGB LED wall is able to play Winamp visualizations, and more. The LEDs are driven by Rainbowduinos, the Rainbowduinos are connected to the PC using the router as a wireless serial connection. [via]

Wireless RGB LED display – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

This project combines Arduino, RFID and the X10 controller library to be used for how automation projects. The code developed by Geek Cowboy. [via]

Transmit and Receive X10 Commands with Arduino – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

Parallax has introduced their Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) sensor module. This HID is designed to sense the presence of a finger and track its movement much like a mouse. Interfacing is via I2C, supply voltage between 3.3 and 5.5 volts, and convenient 0.1″ pin spacing for breadboarding. The datasheet explains the theory of operation as using an onboard Image Acquisition System that obtains microscopic images of the finger surface, and those images are processed by a Digital Signal Processor. [via]

Parallax Optical Finger Navigation module – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

simpleavr made a logic probe out of a TI EZ430 dongle for a 43oh.com contest:

this is a simple logic probe project based on TI EZ430 dongle. i took advantage of a free offer on a couple of ez430s from TI in september 2010. they are very handy and fun in trying out small code snippets and watch the led blink.

TI EZ430 EZProbe – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

The Parallax Propeller can output video in NTSC, PAL and VGA formats and can be connected to display via RCA or VGA connector. In this project “Gadget Gangster” shows a quick way to broadcast video using three resistors and a piece of wire. The transmit range is 30 feet. [via]

Parallax Propeller broadcasts video – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

This project is a POV display on a bicycle wheel based on Atmel ATTiny861 microcontroller to control 48 LEDs. There are 24 LED on each side. The LEDs are controlled from a series of 74×373 ICs connected to an 8 bit bus on the microcontroller. [via]

Bicycle Persistence of Vision Light Display – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

Howard Matthews wanted a new speedometer for his Landrover so he build one replacement speedo. The unit runs off an Atmega328 and it is using smd components on it’s two board design. The speed is measured using an Hall Effect sensor which gets triggered by a tiny magnet stuck to the propshaft. The time between the pulses is inversely proportional to the speed you’re going.

New speedo for the Landrover – [Link]

24 Dec 2010

Howard Matthews build this CNC mill using parts he already had on hand. He took the stepper motor out of a nightclub light machine, precision rod and bearings from old dot matrix printers an other parts from his junk box. Check construction details on the link below. [via]

Amateur CNC mill show and tell – [Link]





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