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31 Jan 2011

Zach built his own version of the game Catch Phrase : [via]

When I started playing around with embedded systems, I wanted to do something more interesting than just flashing an LED, and I spent a lot of time trying to come up with project ideas that would be useful (or at least fun) when they were done. One of the first ideas I had was to make my own version of catchphrase. Most of my extended family enjoys the game, but one problem with it is that some of the younger nephews can’t understand most of the words. I thought it would be fun to create a version that they could play, and then the project grew from there.

AVRphrase: DIY Catch Phrase game – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

martinhubacek.cz writes:

This is my board layout for USBasp programmer. On that programmer homepage is a lot of designs, different MCU types and package sizes of processors. But nothing that I would like. I wanted really small size but with the same features. I used the original schematics from Fischl and created new layout with some SMD parts.

Small USB AVR programmer using USBasp – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

This simple DC/DC step-down converter is perfect for breadboard design or replacement of 78xx stabilizers. It’s not so powerful but it can give about 350mA and even if you apply higher input voltage, it doesn’t get much hot like the 78xx ones.

Simple DC/DC converter module – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

Martin Hubacek took a TI Stellaris EVALBOT and interfaced it to a Nintendo Nunchuck. This lets the robot drive around using the accelerometer or the joystick. Check details and code on the link below. [via]

Evalbot I2C & Nunchuk lib – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

The project aims to build an optical access control device known as SecureLED which demonstrated the potential of communicating over cheap commodity LEDs. [via]

Better Access Control Known as SecureLED – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

The goal of the project is to build a digital strobe light with millisecond accuracy that will require just a bit of programming to be created. [via]

Strobe Light Using PICAXE Microcontroller – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

The project is an array of 256 LEDs which is capable of displaying a massive amount of information. [via]

Matrix with 256 LEDs – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

The project is based on simple electronic components in order to build this LED bike light system that can be used a headlight or both headlight/taillight. [via]

LED Light System for Bikes – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

This project is a 3-dimensional ultrasonic computer mouse known as Magic Mouse which can be worn as a ring on one finger. [via]

Ring-Designed 3D Air-Mouse – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

schazamp made a serial port only version of the Bus Pirate v3b: [via]

I have long admired the Bus Pirate, and wanted to build my own. Since I already have an FTDI USB-to-TTY cable, I thought I might replace the FTDI FT232RL subsystem on the Bus Pirate (v3b) with a header for my cable, to save on component cost and board space.

Serial port only Bus Pirate v3b – [Link]





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