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22 Feb 2011

A Resistor “resists” current flow. Think of it as a restriction in a water pipe only for electricity.

What is a Resistor? – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

Testing a Diode is easy but much easier with an analog multi-meter.

How to Test a Diode? – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

A capacitor blocks DC current but allows AC current by essentially charging up like a tiny battery, once charged the capacitor stops allowing current flow until the flow reverses.

What is a Capacitor and How to Test One – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

In this video I explain what a transformer does and how it works.

What is a transformer and how does it work? – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

Peltier Coolers or Thermal Electric Coolers are used to make things hot or cold but have another cool use. Apply a heat source to one side and keep the other side cool and the Peltier generates electricity.

What is a Peltier Cooler? – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

An attempt to make a good solar reflector out of mirror pieces and a Direct TV satellite dish

Building a Parabolic Solar Reflector out of a Satellite Dish – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

A Breadboard is a must for the electronics experimenter type of person for experimenting activities.

How to Use an Electronic Breadboard – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

Fileark writes:

There are many advantages of having an automatic chicken coop door. The door will automatically close at night when the chickens are inside and open in the morning. Not only will they stay warm and cozy, critters like coons and skunks will have a much harder time getting to them. The ultimate luxury to me though is the fact that I don’t need to go out and lock them up and get up at the crack of dawn to let them out.

Dawn to Dusk Chicken Door Project – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

A diode is a one way valve for electricity or current flow.

What is a diode? – [Link]

21 Feb 2011

A potentiometer is a variable resistor used to resist electrical current.

What is a potentiometer? – [Link]





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