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31 Mar 2011

pyroelectro.com writes:

Many different types of communication protocols exist and the PIC is able to use quite a few of them. USB, RS232 and Parallel are all common forms of digital communication that use a unique method for transferring data. Today we will focus on a protocol called I²C (pronounced I-squared-C).

PIC I2C Interface Tutorial – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

This is another SIM900-based GSM/GPRS wireless data shield for the Arduino, this one is from Open Electronics:

This is a very low cost and simple Arduino GSM and GPRS shield. We use the module SIMCom SIM900. It’s the cheaper module now available in the market. To connect this module to Arduino I make a PCB that include a LM317 some capacitor filter and no more. I performed a GSM library to control easily the module. The GSM library is a modified version of the library of HWKitchen.

With our version we control the module throw the pin 4 and 5 (so normal digital pin) and our GSM library include also the NewSoftSerial, so you can easy control the module, send and read SMS, make call, control the GSM state ecc.

To download schematics, PCB and Library check the site

Yet another Arduino GSM shield – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

There is a new teaser site for an upcoming web-based CAD tool aimed at artists and makers. This looks like it may be a nice entry level tool to get even more people into 3D modeling. It is currently unknown how this will be released and what it will cost, but we look forward to more details as they become available.

TinkerCAD web-based 3D CAD – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

Here’s a keyboard-glove prototype in development by Jeff Rowberg. The Keyglove is a glove-based USB input device that provides full keyboard control, designed for wearable and mobile computing and to assist the disabled. [via]

According to Jeff:

The Keyglove is a portable Arduino/AVR-powered glove that uses touch combinations (for keys) and an accelerometer (for the mouse) to generate keyboard and mouse control codes using only one hand. Once learned, the glove can easily be used without looking, making it perfect for embedded/wearable environments. The glove is thin and light, built to allow other activities (such as writing) without being in the way. The current design also incorporates Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, simple vibration feedback, audio feedback, and a tri-color status indicator LED.

Keyglove Arduino/AVR-powered keyboard substitute – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

Woodstove Temp Monitor and Alert… [via]

Paul Westaway wanted to make sure his woodstove didn’t exceed the upper limit of temperature and overheat, thus damaging the stove or causing a fire. He wanted a monitor that could send out an alert if the stove got too hot. He was surprised he couldn’t find a monitor available commercially. So, like any enterprising Gadget Freak, he decided to make one of his own. Using a handful of inexpensive components, Westaway created his own Woodstove Digital Temperature Monitor.

Woodstove Temp Monitor and Alert – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

Digital shipping scales with serial output tutorial!… [via]

“Here is another business oriented tutorial (which is also, secretly a sensor tutorial). For measuring packages we have two serial-output scales. One can do up to 10lbs and the other 150lb (or 300lb). These are basically load cells with data output and precalibration. We use them for our automated shipping system but who knows what else they might be good for?”

Digital shipping scales with serial output – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

See the 16mHz Arduino Mega crystal on an oscilloscope. A Tektronics Active FET probe with 1.5pF loading is used to examine the oscillator of the Arduino Mega. [via]

Arduino Mega Oscillator seen with FET Probe – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

The bq28400 provides battery capacity and safety monitoring optimized specifically for 2-cell Li-Ion and Li-Pol applications. This single-chip fuel gauge and analog front end (AFE) provide a first level of protection against all cell fault conditions: over/undervoltage, overcurrent, temperature, and imbalance between cells.

2-Cell Lithium-Ion Fuel Gauge and Protector – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

This “Tupperware Turret” is a highly modified airsoft pistol put onto a pan and tilt platform with a turret cover. It rotates, tilts up and down and has precise fire control. Control is done wirelessly with a generic TV remote control.

Tupperware Turret Airsoft Gun – [Link]

31 Mar 2011

Today we made a new project SPI Flash Programmer. I needed this programmer to read  the contents of 25L1005 on a LCD Monitor.This programmer supports: ST Micro M25(E), ST Micro M45(E), Macronix MX25L, Atmel AT25FS, Atmel AT25DF, Atmel AT25F, Amic A25LxxP, Amic A25Lxxx, Eon EN25(B/D/F/P) read only, Winbond W25X, Winbond W25Q (OTP), SST SST25(LV/VF)xx, SST SST25VFxxxB, Spansion S25FL and ESMT F25L.

Spi Flash Programmer – [Link]






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