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4 Apr 2011

The present document shows step by step how to easily build an interesting pointing device: the wireless tilt mouse, that allows to control the mouse’s cursor on the PC screen through the tilt of the board itself. The analog data from a 3-D accelerometer and from two push-buttons are acquired, converted and radio transmitted by an XBee module using the standard ZigBee protocol.

XBee Accelerometer Demo – Wireless Tilt Mouse Application – [Link]

4 Responses to “XBee Accelerometer Demo – Wireless Tilt Mouse Application”

  1. hemusalvi Says:

    hi sir,
    my name is hemant.

    i saw ur video at http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/009/ website.
    its awesome creativity i very very like your project but one question is its do all the function like mouse like draw anything in paint application or also in word application just like mouse?

    thank you

  2. hemusalvi Says:

    sir plss post reply on my comment………..

  3. hemusalvi Says:

    sir plss post reply on my comment.

  4. admin Says:

    You should contact the project author. You can find his details under the project title.


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