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29 May 2011


Flyport is a revolutionary Wi-Fi module which is part of the Italian open source platform openPicus.

Flyport is not simply a serial to Wi-Fi solution, but a smart module with no need of an external host processor as it combines Processor power (Microchip PIC24F 256K Flash) with Connectivity (Microchip Wi-Fi certified transceiver).
A wide range of wireless applications can be easily developed and run on Flyport with openPicus IDE, and no Wi-Fi expertise is needed. The IDE allows to focus on application as openPicus framework, which is based on freeRTOS, manages the Wireless stack and its events.

Flyport provides the following services:

– Webserver (even Ajax apps can be run)
– TCP Socket
– UDP Socket
– SMTP Client : a possibility to send emails
– SNTP Clent : a possibility to read network time

From the hardware point of view Flyport is a very compact module (only 35*48mm). The following signals are available on the 26 ways of the male pinheader connector:

– Power Supply (5V or 3.3V, integrated LDO)
– #5 Digital Inputs
– #5 Digital Outputs (4 can be used as PWM, 3.3V level)
– #4 Analog Inputs (10 bits ADC, VRef=2.048V 1bit=2mV)
– #1 UART
– #1 SPI
– #1 I2C
– #1 Reset (Active Low)

These pins are remappable by software if needed.

There are some examples of developed applications:

– Wireless Webserver (local or remote controlled embedded devices)
watch video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33y3XN-wQ4g

– RC car is driven by Android Mobile phone
watch video http://www.youtube.com/user/openpicus#p/a/f/2/NoyuFFaKd0I

– 3-axis sensor charted on a webpage
watch video http://www.youtube.com/user/openpicus#p/f/4/GU7gp0T9iP4

– iPhone controlled Robot
watch video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHge7-rmFps

– Home automation

– Sensors

– Internet of things

OpenPicus has become a very active open source community, where hobbists and professionals are sharing projects, code and ideas.

Claudio Carnevali and Gabriele Allegria, the core team at the picusLAB in Rome, affirm: “We are targeting at providing an easy, powerful and affordable platform, to let your ideas be brought to the market”.

Flyport is made in Italy by Eikon (www.eikonsite.it). It is shipped worldwide or is available at local resellers and on MicrochipDirect.com.

Flyport open source Wi-Fi module – [Link]

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