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14 Mar 2008


The new PIC18F2550 Project Board was designed as the development platform for student projects.

The board features:

  • MCU: PIC18F2550 with external xtal
  • ADC: one channel 0-2.5V sigma-delta converter, Linear Technology LTC2400/LTC2420
  • 6-channal 10-bit ADC 0-5V
  • Display: Two connectors for text LCD or GLCD
  • USB: onchip USB port with type B connector
  • Power supply: onboard low dropout regulator, rechargeable battery
  • Code programming: 10-pin header for In Circuit Loader

The board platform is suitable for developing the microcontroller based instrumentation. Students may build the signal conditioning board, plugs it to PIC project board, develops the code and programs it with loader cable easily. [via]

PIC18F2550 Project Board – [Link]

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