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28 Nov 2011

Mini RGB LED video wall using a Netduino and an Adafruit LED strips… [via]

16×10 RGB LED display built with an Adafruit LPD8806 LED strip and a Netduino mini as the controller. The display is capable of showing over 2 million colors. What’s not to like about RGB LEDs? With their bright, mesmerizing glow, often capable of displaying millions of colors, they’re a great to way to catch the attention of the viewer. Now, what if you had a 5 meter long RGB LED strip, loaded with 160 RGB LEDs to play with? Oh, the possibilities… It so happens that Adafruit, in their infinite wisdom, carries a very nice RGB LED strip, powered by a LPD8806 driver and encased in a waterproof sleeve. What about turning it into a mini video wall for instance? Think ‘Times Square’, just smaller

Mini RGB LED video wall using a Netduino – [Link]

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  1. ethan75 Says:

    Can I use this Adafruit LPD8806 LED strip http://www.bestlightingbuy.com/waterproof-lpd8806-flexible-rgb-led-lighting-strip.html ? I found it via google search. I am not sure it is the same one you used in your project.

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