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29 Nov 2011

New superfast and at the same time efficient diodes Diotec ES1x series enable to further decrease power losses even in very quick circuits.

When using diodes in power circuits working at high frequencies – like switch-mode power supplies, except forward losses also switching losses appear. Switching losses are directly commensurable to the working frequency and for the usual diodes (1N400x) these losses are unacceptably high already from frequencies of few kHz. As it is known, switching losses are caused by the fact, that to bring a diode to a reverse (unconducting) status, it is necessary to remove a charge stored in the PN junction. At the same time, to the switching losses also an energy stored in a parasitic inductance of a diode and diode leads contributes. Amount of switching losses is mainly affected by a parameter trr – reverse recovery time, that´s why for usage at higher frequencies, the types with the shortest possible trr are suitable.

As overall losses are the sum of forward and switching losses, at selecting of a suitable type it is always necessary to consider both parameters – VF and trr. For example if we had a circuit working on a frequency of only few kHz, but with higher currents of few Ampers and more, it is suitable to use a diode with a low forward voltage and it should be from at least a “fast” category. But if we have for example a circuit working at few 100 kHz frequency, we should use a diode with as short trr as possible. Naturally, it is ideal if a diode features a low VF and a short trr at the same time.

Both these demands are met in new ES1x series diodes Diotec, marked as „superfast efficient“. They feature a low VF and an extremely short recovery time, below 15ns. By their features they surpass present types from a superfast and ultrafast category. Diodes ES1x are manufactured by more global producers (similarly like for example 1N400x) and they are available with a 50-600V reverse voltage (ES1A…ES1J). ES1x from company Diotec belong to the top products in this diode series, for example ES1D feature VF=0,92V/1A and trr max 15 ns.

ES1x diode – fast, superfast, …, superfast efficient! – [Link]

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