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9 Jan 2012


Csaba writes:

I tested the bandwidth limit by an 1Vpp sine wave at 100MHz. The reference instrument was a Tektronix 500MHz oscilloscope. The display at 10MHz was identical on the two scopes. At 100MHz I measured about 0.7Vpp on the SDS1102CM, while the Tektronix still measured 1Vpp. The bandwidth limit of the SDS1102CM is really 100MHz

The memory depth is 1Mpoints/channel, as it can be seen from the CSV file header. See the spectrum measurements. The point in this test is to analyze that if I stop the acquisition than how detailed information can be seen in the signal by zooming into it.

SIGLENT SDS1102CM 2x100MHz, 2x500Msa/s, 2x1MSA oscilloscope review – [Link]

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