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12 Jan 2012


nlvocables.com writes:

Like many people, I have fairly diverse taste in music. My media library holds tracks from Bach, Beethoven, Billy Joel, Bonobo, Brent Lamb, Brahms, Brian Hughes, and the Bee Gees (to name just the “B” section). I love variety. The trouble is, all of these different genres tend to require slightly different volume settings. Worse still, in the case of some classical music, you can get quite a wide range of volumes within a single piece (e.g. O Fortuna). So if I hook up my BlackBerry and set it to shuffle, I find myself having to continually adjust the volume knob – either because I can hardly hear the current track, or because my neighbors are about to come banging on my door.

Well, I’m not the first one to have this problem. Nor am I the only one to attempt to solve it. In fact, it’s already been solved. As you may know, there are plenty of software solutions out there for so-called volume leveling. But before the advent of the BlackBerry, or the personal computer, there was the analog compressor.

AVR Audio Compressor – digital volume leveler – [Link]

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