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16 Feb 2012

open-electronics.org writes:

A lot of people who bought the TiDiGino ask me how to test it. The Gsm Remote Control is provided with bootloader, so you have to insert the prefered sketch that you can find in code.google. Daniele Denaro wrote a good sketch for TiDiGino, and I’m reporting his tutorial. Ask me (and him) all do you need.

Author Daniele Denaro

Be careful, because you have to manipulate the environment of development (IDE) 1.0 to insert the new hardware. In particular replace the file “boards.txt” (see below). In this new version of the file has been added to the section on hardware TiDiGino. You should also add the folder “tidigino” that “boards.txt” references (see below). The changes will be visible to restart the IDE.

Software and firmware for TiDiGino – [Link]

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