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12 Jan 2013


New aluminium profiles in our portfolio will help you to apply LED strips or other linear LED light sources.

LED strips or PCBs with LEDs are in fact only a semi/product, which should be in the most of cases mounted into an appropriate profile. Two new aluminium profiles are excellently suitable for this purpose, with the possibility to buy a transparent or semi/transparent plastic cover.

Advantages / Features:

  1. ideal for LED srips and mid-power LEDs
  2. suitable for panels and for furniture
  3. usage without or with embedding
  4. 1m long
  5. aesthetic and safe solution

● Profile ZH-9099/1000 is suitable to be embedded into panels, furniture and similar.

● Profile ZH-9460/1000 is ideal for installation without embedding – on a surface. That´s why it features somewhat higher cooling properties.

Both types are anodized (natural elox) and they can be equipped with termination profiles and transparent plastic covers. Transparent cover transmits almost 100% of light, thus almost not affecting the luminous flux from LEDs. Semi-transparent cover transmits 75% of light and provides a soft diffused light.  In case of interest in these heatsinks, high-power LEDs or LED strips, please contact us at  info@soselectronic.com.

Comfortable and safe installation of LED strips with new profiles – [Link]

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