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18 Jun 2013

Cheap low-speed dual channel PC/USB oscilloscope with STM32F3 microcontroller.

Miniscope v2d is based on STM32F303CBT6 microcontroller – LQFP48 device from STM32F3 family featuring:

  • 32 kB RAM on data bus
  • 8 kB RAM on instruction bus
  • 128 kB FLASH memory
  • USB device (full speed)
  • 4 fast and flexible ADCs
  • 12-bit DAC with two output channels
  • 4 opamps that can work in PGA mode
  • ROM bootloader with USB DFU option available

STM32F303-based low-speed PC/USB oscilloscope project – miniscope v2d – [Link]

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