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5 Jul 2013


Boris Landoni @ open-electronics.org writes:

Today we present you a stereo 10 + 10 Watts audio amplifier based on TDA7297SA, a monolithic dual bridge amplifier that is suitable to be used in projects that feature access to a single 12 volts power supply.This is a compact stereo amplifier: its field of application range from car stereo to portable audiovisual equipments (eg: for sport or public events, conferences or even emergency protection and safety mission equipements such as those needed after distaster events)The heart of the amplifier is the TDA7297SA integrated from STMicroelectronics, a monolithic dual bridge amplifier capable of delivering, in fact, 10 + 10 watts.

A versatile, powerful 10 + 10 W Audio amplifier – [Link]


One Response to “A versatile, powerful 10 + 10 W Audio amplifier”

  1. Audioguru Says:

    The datasheet for the amplifier IC shows that it DOES NOT produce 10W per channel into 8 ohms with a 12V supply. Instead it produces only 6.5W at 1% clipping distortion or 8.5W at a horrible sounding 10% clipping distortion.

    The datasheet shows that the output is typically 10W when the supply is 13V and the clipping distortion is 10%.

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