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29 Dec 2013


DigiPot is a digital potentiometer using a rotary encoder as input along with a 7 segment display that show the current pot value.

The “potentiometer” is actually a rotary encoder (TW-700198) connected to a microcontroller that reads the signal from it and convert it to a value that is displayed on 7-segment displays. The value also is sent via i2c/spi/serial/usb to the host. Also 3 LED and included for status indication.

DigiPot – Rotary Encoder Potentiometer – [Link]

One Response to “DigiPot – Rotary Encoder Potentiometer”

  1. ramicio Says:

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. Any details yet on the number of taps, the digital pot value (10k, 100k?), and how the value is displayed? What are the 3 LEDs for?

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