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27 Oct 2010

This project is a 2x2W Audio Amplifier based on LA418. This amplifier is very easy to build because it has not complicated parts and will cost around 4$. Check schematic and PCB on the link below.

LA4182 Audio Amplifier 2×2 Watts – [Link]

One Response to “LA4182 Audio Amplifier 2×2 Watts”

  1. Audioguru Says:

    The IC is made by Sanyo in Japan. If it is still made then where is it available in the west??

    Its output is 2W per channel into 4 ohms when it is clipping like mad with 10% distortion. Nobody uses an amplifier with its volume control turned up way too high so it is clipping like mad. And most speakers are 8 ohms, not 4 ohms.

    Its power output is only 1W per channel at clipping into 4 ohms with a 9V supply.
    Its output is pnly about 0.55W into 8 ohms at clipping with a 9V supply.

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