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24 Feb 2011

Logos Electromechanical LLC Announces the Zigduino, a Shield-Compatible Arduino Clone with Built-in Wireless

SEATTLE Wash. – Feb. 23, 2011 – Logos Electromechanical LLC announced the Zigduino, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller platform that integrates an 802.15.4 radio on the board.

The radio can be configured to support any 802.15.4-based protocol, including ZigBee, Route Under MAC/6LoWPAN, and RF4CE.

The Zigduino uses a reverse polarity SMA connector (RP-SMA) for an external antenna. This allows the user to use nearly any existing 2.4 GHz antenna with it. The Zigduino runs on 3.3V, but all I/O pins are 5V compatible.

“It gives you the functionality of an Arduino XBee shield without sacrificing pins or shield compatibility,” said Pierce Nichols, Principle Engineer of Logos Electromechanical LLC.

The Zigduino can is fully compatible with existing shields for Arduino, including Logos’s high current 16 channel shield.

Zigduino Features:

> Software and shield compatible with existing Arduinos.

> Built-in 802.15.4 radio with a RP-SMA female antenna connector. This

connector allows

the user to use almost any 2.4 GHz antenna with the Zigduino.

> All pins compatible with 5V inputs and protected against spikes up to 30V.

> 128K of program flash

> 200 mA of available power on 3.3V and 5V power pins

The Zigduino will be available first quarter 2011 for $69.99. Logos is now taking reservations for the first batch of Zigduinos. You can reserve yours by emailing zigduinoreservations@ logos-electro.com.

Introducing the Zigduino – [Link]

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