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21 Nov 2014


by elektor.com:

This tiny step-down converter chip measuring just 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.0 mm contains an integrated coil and can handle an output current up to 1 A. The XCL210/XCL220 are a new family of step-down micro DC/DC converters which have been specifically designed to minimize unwanted EMI emissions. This makes them particularly suited for use in small-scale RF applications. The design shows good efficiency and stable output with a peak ripple voltage of less than 10 mV.

Tiny Torex DC/DC Converter - [Link]

20 Nov 2014

New graphic chips supporting capacitive touch screens – FT801 with the “EVE” technology from company FTDI bring a simple usage even for these perspective displays.

FT801 brings together advantages of the „Embedded Video Engine“ (EVE) concept and advantages of capacitive displays like easy control, interactivity and usually a higher brightness and overall vividness of these displays.

New chip FT801 is functionally practically the same as the initial EVE chip – FT800. It supports display, audio and touch interface with a capacitive touch screen via an I²C interface connected to a standard touch controller.FT801 has multi-touch capabilities enabling 5 independent touch points to be simultaneously determined (so called Extended mode). This facilitates the deployment of human machine interfaces (HMIs) usable by several people at once, or where a variety of complex hand gestures can be detected. The IC’s sophisticated hardware engine has the ability to recognize touch tags and track touch movement – delivering notification of up to 255 touch tags.

The capacitive touch panel module (CTPM) asserts an interrupt when a touch is detected, signalling the FT801 to read the touch data via I2C. Additionally the FT801  supports a Compatibility touch mode, where existing FT800 application code can be run with single touch events detected.

The device is packaged in the same 48 pin QFN footprint as the FT800 and enables to use practically the same display design as at FT800, including 3 in1 functionality (Display, Audio and Touch) and 1/16th pixel resolution. A 12MHz crystal oscillator with PLL can deliver a 48MHz or 36MHz system clock.

Detailed description can be found in the FT801 datasheet.

FT801 if you prefer capacity rather than resistivity - [Link]

20 Nov 2014


This project is an one Channel Relay Driver suitable for a variety of projects. Check specifications on the page below.

One Channel Relay Driver - [Link]

20 Nov 2014


by rachel_yalisove @ instructables.com:

Conversation analysts consider turns to be the most basic unit of conversation. As you would imagine, the intricacies of turn-taking have been well documented by researchers, and this process always involves the careful transcription of pre-recorded conversation.

Turn-Taking Device - [Link]

20 Nov 2014


Kaspar of Monostable shared this helpful purchasing tool the 1clickBOM, a browser extension to quickly add electronic components to shopping carts:

1clickBOM is purchasing tool that let’s you keep one bill of materials (BOM) for items from multiple retailers. It’s a browser extension that fills your online shopping carts for you. To add items to 1clickBOM you simply paste from a spreadsheet or visit an online .tsv file.

Which retailers?
Currently supported retailers are:


1clickBOM, a browser extension to quickly add components to shopping carts - [Link]

20 Nov 2014



Wireless. Easier. Safer. Longer Lasting Christmas lights. by Chris Higgins & Hardeep Johar:

The first ever wirelessly powered Christmas lights
Smartphone controlled energy efficient LED lights
Outshines any of the average Christmas lights by 20 years

AURA: The first ever, wirelessly powered Christmas lights - [Link]

19 Nov 2014


by tehnikservice.net:

The board includes AMS1117 – 5V voltage regulator and AMS1117–3.3V, Voltage Regulator, providing fixed supply voltages. It features three voltage input options: a screw terminal connector, DC adapter connector and USB connector. It can operate on 6-12V DC power supply and has separate screw terminals for 3.3V and 5V outputs.

5V – 3.3V REG BOARD - [Link]

19 Nov 2014

EEVblog #684 – Ness SMT Manufacturing & Assembly Factory Tour - [Link]

18 Nov 2014


With the Bolymin graphic embedded module it´s possible to focus only on software development – hardware is done.

Term: 2014.11.19 10:00 – 11:30 CET

How to effectively handle human-machine interface in your applications? - [Link]

18 Nov 2014


by praveen @ circuitstoday.com:

A simple LPG sensor using arduino is shown in this article. This circuit indicates the amount of LPG in the air. The circuit sounds an alarm and trips a relay when the concentration is above a predetermined level. MQ2 is the gas sensor used in this project. MQ2 is an SnO2 based gas sensor which can sense gases like methane, propane, butane, alcohol, smoke, hydrogen etc. Since LPG primarily contains propane and butane, MQ2 sensor can be used for sensing LPG. The figure below shows the schematic and arrangement of an MQ2 gas sensor.

LPG sensor using arduino - [Link]





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