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4 Jan 2011

Markus got his hands on some old split-flap displays from a train station and build a controller for them. The controller is based on a PIC 12F683 and is using optocouplers to isolate the 42 volts display motors from the driver circuit. The unit is able to control 8 of the segments.

DIY Split-flap display driving circuit – [Link]

4 Jan 2011

This project is a LED flower that uses PWM controlled RGB Leds which get their settings via USB using obdev.at’s USB stack. The controller board hosts an ATmega88 microcontroller which is running the V-USB stack so that it is controlled by a computer USB port. There is a total of 6 RGB Leds connected on the board using enamel wire.  You can find construction details, schematic and software on the link below. [via]

LED Flower – [Link]

3 Jan 2011

The Voice Shield from the Maker Shed is an analog audio shield for the Arduino. It allows you to easily add audio to your next project. The Voice Shield uses a unique and very user friendly way to access different sound bytes making it easy to build “talking” devices. It can work with words, complete sentences, or use it to add sound effects. [via]

Voice Shield kit – [Link]

3 Jan 2011

Here’s a new release version of Eagle3D: [via]

There is a new release version of Eagle3D available. As development is now done on BerliOS the files are available there. With this release it is now possible to call POVRay directly from Eagle3D. This simplifies the creation of 3D images a lot as you do not have to fiddle around with POVRay.

Eagle3D: New release version – [Link]

3 Jan 2011

chrmoe built this 8x8x8 Led Cube 3-dimensional LED display. [via]

Led Cube 8x8x8 – [Link]

3 Jan 2011

This project is a reverse geocaching puzzle box. This puzzle box contains the geocache prize and will only open when it is in the correct geolocation. [via]

Reverse geocaching puzzle box - [Link]

3 Jan 2011

IPenguin shows how to verify a crystal oscillator is working using the Logic Sniffer. This should work with the crystal circuit on many microcontrollers. [via]

Verify an oscillator with the Logic Sniffer - [Link]

1 Jan 2011

RobertG writes:

Creative MuVo is an old mp3 player, that has a small monochromatic display but normally is unable to display any files on it. The trick i used here to force it to do that is to use its ability to show lyrics for songs.

Displaying text files in old mp3 player – [Link]

31 Dec 2010

This project shows how to build an ESR (equivalent series resistor) meter using common available components. ESR meter measures the equivalent series resistance of the capacitor, almost independently of its capacitance, so you can easily determinate if a capacitor is damaged or not.

An Equivalent Series Resistance Meter – [Link]

31 Dec 2010

Adam Outler wanted to isolate a problem with an ECG (electrocardiograph) so he decided to build this EMF meter to find the cause of the electromagnetic disturbance. The meter is based on Arduino and source code is included on the link below. [via]

Arduino EMF Meter – [Link]





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