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30 Dec 2010

This project is a big 7 segment countdown display using Christmas lights. The overall dimensions are 40′x40′ and the lights are hung from nearby trees. These display will start countdown the minutes an hour before new year and be synchronized with music. [via]

2011 New Years Count Down – [Link]

30 Dec 2010

Akiba writes:

One of the most powerful tools to have when doing any type of design that involves communication protocols is a protocol analyzer. It allows you to see exactly what the communicating devices are seeing which is very useful for troubleshooting many types of problems that might come up… Wireshark is probably one of the most well-known of all protocol analyzers. [via]

Turning the Freakduino into a Realtime Wireless Protocol Analyzer – [Link]

30 Dec 2010

Start making mistakes if you want to learn electronics. [via]

Secret to Learning Electronics – [Link]

30 Dec 2010

Layne writes: [via]

If you’re looking to make your own shield for the Arduino platform, you’ll definitely need to know where all the pins and holes are located on the Arduino. After doing a quick search, I was unable to find an accurate technical drawing of the new Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega 2560. Using the PCB design files available at the Arduino hardware website, I created a detailed technical drawing of both the Uno and Mega 2560.

Drawings of the Arduino UNO and Mega 2560 - [Link]

30 Dec 2010

This project is a small USB mono FM transmitter with a range of about 50 meters. It is designed to be plugged on USB port and uses two FET transistors. Due to the power supply via the USB port, a high frequency stability is achieved.

USB Mono FM Transmitter – [Link]

30 Dec 2010

This project is a high quality PLL FM transmitter with output power of 5 W. The transmitter includes RDS/SCA input and Audio/MPX input with optional pre-emphasis. It can be used with or without stereo encoder. Tuning over the FM band is provided by two buttons that control dual-speed PLL. The transmitter can work also without the LCD display.

5W PLL FM Transmitter – [Link]

30 Dec 2010

If you have ever wanted to plug in a pro-quality microphone and headphone to an iPhone or iPod touch, pay attention and read on. This guide will show you how to make a cable that will allow you to do just that.

iPhone / iPod Touch DIY Microphone – [Link]

29 Dec 2010

This simple a 7 element Yagi is ideal for portable operation. The elements can be removed and replaced in a few minutes. The 2.42 Metre boom will fit inside a car. All of the elements are made from 6mm solid aluminum rod. The boom is made from 50x25mm (2×1 in) timber. The driven element is a half wavelength dipole.

Portable Yagi for 144MHz - [Link]

29 Dec 2010

Toshiba invite you to enjoy the world’s first 3d Advert, where a magical world of origami unfolds and grows in front of your eyes, all from the basis of all big ideas – a blank sheet of paper. This stunning, 3d world of origami was actually crafted by hand and filmed in wonderful stop-motion — all adding to the magic of the world’s first 3d advert. . Here, the world’s first 3d advert introduces the Toshiba WL 768 Series, which, like all great ideas, started on a blank sheet of paper.

The World’s First 3d Advert — Stop Motion Origami - [Link]

29 Dec 2010

Live image analysis is a rapidly developing innovative sphere, yet, unfortunately, it is not widely known among specialists in electronics. To learn more about image analysis follow the link below.

The electronics industry actively uses image measuring and processing applications for quality control and making precise measurements. Altami Studio application for live image measuring and processing facilitates the work of a specialist very much as it possesses well-developed and easy-to-use tools. All tools can be applied in live mode.

Live image analysis on electronics – [Link]





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