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31 Jan 2011

The project aims to build an optical access control device known as SecureLED which demonstrated the potential of communicating over cheap commodity LEDs. [via]

Better Access Control Known as SecureLED – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

The goal of the project is to build a digital strobe light with millisecond accuracy that will require just a bit of programming to be created. [via]

Strobe Light Using PICAXE Microcontroller - [Link]

31 Jan 2011

The project is an array of 256 LEDs which is capable of displaying a massive amount of information. [via]

Matrix with 256 LEDs - [Link]

31 Jan 2011

The project is based on simple electronic components in order to build this LED bike light system that can be used a headlight or both headlight/taillight. [via]

LED Light System for Bikes – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

This project is a 3-dimensional ultrasonic computer mouse known as Magic Mouse which can be worn as a ring on one finger. [via]

Ring-Designed 3D Air-Mouse – [Link]

31 Jan 2011

schazamp made a serial port only version of the Bus Pirate v3b: [via]

I have long admired the Bus Pirate, and wanted to build my own. Since I already have an FTDI USB-to-TTY cable, I thought I might replace the FTDI FT232RL subsystem on the Bus Pirate (v3b) with a header for my cable, to save on component cost and board space.

Serial port only Bus Pirate v3b – [Link]

30 Jan 2011

Hunting hydrogen balloons with tricopters, fireworks and FPV.

Hunting hydrogen balloons with tricopters, fireworks and FPV – [Link]

30 Jan 2011

This project is a breathanalyzer based on Arduino, 128×64 Graphical LCD screen and MQ-3 alcohol sensor.

DIY Breathalyzer – [Link]

30 Jan 2011

Remember the laser based alarm system that you see in spy movies? The one that sets the alarm when the laser gets cut by any object? Guess what, – you can have one at home! And what’s more? You can make one using an arduino! [via]

Arduino Laser Tripwire – [Link]

30 Jan 2011

electronics-diy.com writes:

So, I needed a small transmitter, which would allow me to transmit good, old music into my AM-only radios. So, one saturday afternoon I got into gear, designed and built a very crude, terribly non-optimized little transmitter. It’s almost a joke expressed in electronics, full of poor design, so please don’t think that this is the best I can do! You must see it as a quick and dirty 5-hour effort, because that’s all the time the transmitter took to design, build, and test

Small AM Transmitter – [Link]





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