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14 Apr 2011

Detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation integrating any Geiger Tube and read this levels using Arduino. As well as from the terminal, the radiation levels can be shown using different actuators.

In order to improve the design along with the software application participation in the Forum is appreciated.

Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino – [Link]

13 Apr 2011

krishi shows how-to use the Arduino as an HID MIDI device. [via]

MIDI over USB using Arduino Uno – [Link]

13 Apr 2011

simoninns writes:

This project creates a RGB LED lit love heart which is controlled by a PIC12F683 microcontroller. I designed the project as a gift for my wife on our 15th wedding anniversary (since she puts up with my addiction to electronics I thought she deserved something in return!).

RGB LED Love Heart – [Link]

13 Apr 2011

simoninns writes:

This project shows how to create an MB Electronics Simon game clone using an 8-pin PIC12F683 microcontroller. The game includes a full emulation of the original Simon ‘game 1′ and the ability to select from 4 skill levels which control the number of colours you must repeat in a sequence in order to win the game.

MicroSimon – [Link]

13 Apr 2011

neutron_robot writes:

For the source code and layout check this link http://blog.dewataelektronik.com/?p=65

Digital Thermometer LCD - [Link]

13 Apr 2011

andrew_h writes:

Ok, so there are heaps of immobilisers out there but with most of them, if someone has your keys, they have you car. What good is a car alarm with 3+ point immobilisation if someone manages to get the keys and of course the alarm remote.

This is a simple immobiliser based on a PIC12F629 and an ID-12 chip from innovations. This can be built for about $50.

RFID Car immobiliser with PIC12629 - [Link]

13 Apr 2011

JZweige writes:

That’s right! This Instructable shows you how to build a device that enables you to do an electrocardiogram on yourself, your family or your friends! All you need is intermediate-level knowledge on electronics, access to Ye’ Ol’ Electronics Shoppe (or online shopping if preferred) and a laptop.

ECG on your laptop - [Link]

13 Apr 2011

PeckLauros writes:

This invention is not so new but so I took the liberty of posting my symple version, based on IC 4093. With that, I hope no one more is surprised by the lack of water in the water tank, just as I was.

Water tank’s level visualization – [Link]

13 Apr 2011

Mudbud writes:

Hello everyone,
This instructable will tell you how to make a voltage multiplier! So, lets get started :)

Here is some info about voltage multipliers if you want to know how they work. If not, then skip to the parts list.

Definition – “A voltage multiplier is an electrical circuit that converts AC electrical power from a lower voltage to a higher DC voltage by means of capacitors and diodes combined into a network.” – Wikipedia

How to make a Voltage multiplier – [Link]

12 Apr 2011

That’s one small resistor! (Great photo by @TAUTIC) [via]

(note: 0402/01005 = 0.04″ x 0.02″, or 1mm x 0.5mm)

How Small is an 0402 SMT Resistor? (Hint: It’s Really Small!) – [Link]





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