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10 Dec 2010

The new DSO Nano v2.0 is a digital storage oscilloscope designed for basic electronic engineering tasks. The Nano features an ARM Cortex™ M3 32 bit platform, which provides basic waveform monitoring. It has a 320*240 color LCD, micro SD card storage, portable probes, LiPo Battery, USB connection, and signal generator.

DSO Nano V2.0 - [Link]

10 Dec 2010

SEGFAULT is a balancing vehicle with a 100% hardware stability controller. Not a single line of code runs to keep the vehicle upright. An analog complementary filter implemented with operational amplifiers combines the outputs of an accelerometer and rate gyroscope and passes it to a proportional-integral (PI) compensator.

The output of the PI compensator has a steering offset differentially added to it. The resulting analog voltage is the input to two custom 24 volt, 30 amp locked-antiphase H-bridge drivers (Class D amplifiers), which control the two 27:1 geared, 500 watt drive motors.

The vehicle frame is waterjet-cut aluminum and diamond-plate aluminum, and features a tiltable handlebar for steering input. Lastly, the P, I, and K controller gains are accessible and tunable by the user through a set of knobs on the handlebars.

Segfault – analog balancing scooter – [Link]

9 Dec 2010

William Dillon build this RF Transceiver using the MRF49XA from Microchip. He shares the design, code and board files on the link below so you can build your own. He also documents how to design the circuit that is based on an example on the datasheet and he includes calculations to made it working with the 434 MHz band and an AVR-based library for using his module.

RF Transceiver using the MRF49XA – [Link]

9 Dec 2010

David Cranor put an Xbee radio in a X-Ray scanner. Check out the antenna on the top of the scan! [via]

Xbee radio on X-ray – [Link]

9 Dec 2010

Want to build your own chassis for your next electronic project? Follow the instructions on the link below to learn how to build a chassis from PCB board  material.

Fabricating a chassis from clad PCB board material – [Link]

9 Dec 2010

This video shows a high-voltage arc caused by a 500kV Switch opening up in the Nevada Desert. An enormous Jacob’s Ladder. [via]

Jacob’s Ladder: 500kV Switch Opening - [Link]

9 Dec 2010

oomlout.co.uk has build a wire spool holder using laser cut pieces. The result is simple and expandable. If you would like to build your own check details and construction drawings on the link below. [via]

Wire Spool Holder – [Link]

9 Dec 2010

Christmas is the festival of lights. There is a new project posted on embedded-lab.com that uses LEDs to display Christmas message. The individual letters of the message are created with 5 mm red LEDs and are controlled through a PIC 16F688 microcontroller. Something you would like to make for your Christmas decoration.

Christmas Message Display Board using LEDs - [Link]

8 Dec 2010

embedds.com hosts a tutorial on how to use a 8-bit Timer-Counter0 on ATMEL microcontrollers and how to produce a PWM signal using timer. On tutorial he uses the Atmega328 microcontroller.

8-bit Timer/Counter0 operation modes – [Part1]+[Part2]

8 Dec 2010

This project is an Arduino datalogging accelerometer with u-SD storage using the Will Greiman’s Fat16 library for the Arduino and based on ATMega168. The code is highly configurable: it can save raw A/D values or converted values, it allows software-defined gain, it can collect for a set time or until user input, and of course the collection interval is user-defined.

Arduino datalogging accelerometer with u-SD storage – [Link]





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