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23 Aug 2010

This LED calculator will calculate the current limiting resistor value and rounds the resistance to closest standard 5% resistor value. To use this software you need to enable Javascript in your browser.

LED Calculator – [Link]

23 Aug 2010

Using MAX668 integrated circuit you can build a very simple and high efficiency power supply able to convert 3.3V – 5.5V to 12V @2,3A

3V, 5V to 12V Step-Up DC converter circuit - [Link]

23 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a circuit that is able to trigger a camera using a pair of walkie-talkies. Using this circuit you can release the shutter of camera from almost 1km away. Check circuit on the link below. [via]

Long distance camera shutter trigger – [Link]

22 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a TV Pong game using Arduino platform and arduino-tv-out library. Source code is included. [via]

Arduino pong! – [Link]

21 Aug 2010

In this youtube video watch how to solder solar cells together.

DIY: How to solder solar cells - [Link]

21 Aug 2010

This project is an automatic garden light using a LDR and 6V/5W solar panel. During daylight the internal rechargeable 6 Volt SLA battery is charging from the solar panel. When there is dark the battery is powering the white LED string.

Outdoor Garden Solar Lights - [Link]

21 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a low cost XY laser scanner using a laser pointer and an old hard disk. This scanner is able to display simple shapes on wall and uses parts from an old CDROM. [via]

XY Scanner for Laser Pointer – [Link]

21 Aug 2010

Ruby is a battery-powered amplifier and it is an “enhanced” version of the Little Gem. This amplifier is based on LM386 chip and has an input buffer that is feeding the inverting input. The input buffer helps to retain treble detail going into the 386 chip. It is powered from a single 9V battery. Check schematic and construction details on the link below.

Ruby : A battery-powered amplifier – [Link]

21 Aug 2010

This video shows how to build a handheld 1W 445nm blue laser torch. This laser is focusable that means it can burn and light matches. You will need some parts found online to build it and this is not recommended for beginners. There is also some build kits available.[via]

DIY: How To Build A 1W Burning Blue Laser Torch – [Link]

21 Aug 2010

TeenyChron project is a clock that pulls time from a NTP server and uses a Garmin GPS module, a TS-7400 single board and two displays to display both UTC and local time. The heart of the system is a single board computer based upon an ARM processor running Linux. This project is well documented and you can find more information on the link below. [via]

TeenyChron: A Linux-based GPS-synched NTP server – [Link]





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