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5 Feb 2011

LPCXpresso ARM development board giveaway. [via]

Watch how others in the industry have broken their 8/16 bit habit! And, if you show us what you would do with your old 8/16 bit in order to switch to the new Cortex-M0, we’ll send you a FREE LPCXpresso! So don’t delay as supplies are limited!

Free LPCXpresso ARM development boards – [Link]

5 Feb 2011

MIT has a program known as OpenCourseWare designed to provide free access to course materials from previously presented MIT courses. Course offerings from all academic disciplines are available and the list grows periodically. MIT OCW even has their own YouTube channel.

Here’s an interesting offering, Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory, covering topics related to CPLD/FPGA program development. [via]

MIT OpenCourseWare: Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory – [Link]

4 Feb 2011

Interesting article from IEEE Spectrum about the potential benefits of developing a usefully rechargeable lithium-oxygen cell (for use, most importantly, in electric cars) and the challenges that remain for that research. So-called “air batteries,” in which one of the reacting chemical species is atmospheric oxygen, are already widely employed, for instance, in hearing-aid batteries, which are commonly zinc-air cells with a piece of adhesive film that must be removed before use to allow atmospheric oxygen onto the cathode. The know-how to make lithium-air cells is available right now; the hard part is making the reverse process practical over many recharging cycles. [via]

The quest for a rechargeable lithium-air battery – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

This clever robot, built by Steve Norris, picks up small objects within a gripper consisting of a balloon filled with coffee grounds. [via]

I constructed my own version of the Cornell University Universal Gripper using parts that I had lying around my lab. This includes the CrustCrawler SG6-UT Robotic Arm, a Yost Engineering ServoCenter controller, a Reynolds Handi-Vac, and a balloon filled with coffee grounds.

Bot grabs stuff with a balloon – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

In the latest Electronic Design magazine there is a great article about the latest small projector chips from Syndiant. If you are interested in how the technology works Syndiant has a write up about that here. [via]

Tiny Syndiant Pico Projector – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

web.mit.edu/kimt/www/radar/ writes:

The “Cantenna Radar” is a radar project that we (Tony Hyun Kim, Nevada Sanchez, Paresh Malalur) assembled from a kit provided by Lincoln Labs for an IAP 2011 course at MIT. The name “Cantenna” derives from the fact that the antenna actuators are actually recycled coffee cans! Photographs and basic schematic of the device are shown below:

Coffee can radar – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

How much Wh capacity does a typical Alkaline AA battery have? Dave intends to find out with his new Gossen Metrawatt Metrahit Energy multimeter

AA Alkaline Battery Capacity Measurement – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

This is a super-accurate clock that uses ping-pong balls as diffusers for LEDs, but with a little know-how you can turn this into a full marquee display. [via]

Ping Pong LED Clock – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

This project is a PIC programmer.

All pic programmer – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

ian writes:

A simple development board seems like a fun project. I’m recording my ideas here, and hope to get some input from other members of the ‘uC (or anyone else).

To avoid feature creep, I think several levels of dev-board would be a good idea. This page will describe my ideas for a level one board, I will add pages for additional boards as ideas arise.

A simple PIC development board – [Link]





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