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13 Dec 2010

Darco wanted to be able to control his Christmas lights with a web browser so he build the networked christmas light controller in an altoids tin. The controller is based on ybox2 networked set-top box. He removed the original controller and have the black power cables connected directly to the outer green wires. View the complete modification of Christmass lights on the link below. [via]

Networked christmas light controller - [Link]

12 Dec 2010

mBeduino is an mBed board that can be connected with Arduino Shields. mBeduino board contains: USB-A, LAN RJ-45, SD or microSD, CAN driver MCP2551, XBee or XBee PRO, Arduino Shield socket, I2C EEPROM socket, RTC backup capacitor and DC input (6~12V). It comes from Japan and joins the worlds of mbed and Arduino.

mBeduino – [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This Crystal Radio is highly selective as to separating stations and tunes in the A.M. band from 570 KHZ up to 1.7 MHZ and the short wave bands up to 2.5 MHZ. It is suggested that crystal earphones be used….. or (preferred) feed the audio output of this tuner into an audio amplifier. A good antenna of at least 50 feet is required along with a good earth ground connection.

High Selectivity Crystal Radio with Short Wave - [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This project is a sine wave generator which is based on the Wien Bridge Oscillator and produces low distortion sine waves in the range of 15 Hz up to 22KHz in two ranges. The two output voltage ranges are from about 0-250mV and 0-2.5Vrms. The circuit is based on TL082 dual operational amplifier.

Audio Sine Wave Generator - [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This project shows how to build a parabolic microphone.

Employing any curved reflector and a microphone will greatly enhance the long distance performance over using the microphone alone. Although the reflector used in this particular project was not truly parabolic, it worked very well.

Parabolic Microphone – [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This project provides drivers for the Nokia 6100 LCD. The driver has only been tested with the new Epson unit from SparkFun (Chinese clone, red tab on protective cover, green PCB with brown traces). It should work with the Philips or the older Epson chips too but will inevitably need some fixes. The driver has been tested on the ATmega168 and the dsPIC33FJ128GP but has been designed to be easy to port to other architectures.

Driver for Nokia 6100 LCD - [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This is a simple USB temperature probe that uses the AVR USB library by Objective Development (http://www.obdev.at/avrusb/). It is in large part built upon the EasyLogger example by Christian Starkjohann. Whereas EasyLogger would send the data values over a keyboard interface, this project uses a custom device class and reads values using the ruby-usb library.

Temperature probe using AVR-USB - [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This project is an amplifier designed to drive an 8 ohm speaker or phones to an extremely loud level at small input signal down to 700uV RMS. Although designed to be used with the parabolic microphone also listed on this site, this amplifier is also very well suited for use with any Crystal Set or other low signal output device.

Very High Gain Audio Amplifier – [Link]

12 Dec 2010

DesignWorks Professional 5 offers you the best user interface for schematic capture. The program is designed to minimize the number of mouse clicks and key strokes needed to complete a task. Most common operations, like placing a part or drawing a signal line, require no menu selections and no command typing. The powerful scripting system provides seamless integration with all your engineering tools.

DesignsWorks Professional 5 – [Link]

12 Dec 2010

This project is a part of the Biorobotics research activities at the AILab of the University of Zurich. The main objective of this project is to explore the design principles of biologically inspired legged running robots. In particular this project focuses on a minimalistic model of rapid locomotion of quadruped robots inspired by biomechanics studies. The goal of this project is, therefore, to achieve technology for a form of rapid legged locomotion.

Running Dog Robot Project - [Link]





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