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29 Jul 2010

Andrei Mehiläinen build this project which is a simple LCD thermometer based on  PIC16F88, two LM35 sensors and KS0108 graphic LCD. The code is written for CCS C compiler.

Dual LCD thermometer - [Link]

29 Jul 2010

Andrei Mehiläinen build this audio spectrum analyzer based on PIC32 proto board. It uses a 320x240px colour LCD and an unamplified audio source can be directly connected like PC’s sound card or mp3 player.

Audio spectrum analyzer - [Link]

29 Jul 2010

Aleksander Zawada is making vacuum tubes in his home laboratory. He describes the process of making a nixie tube in this PDF. The hardest part of the building process is to fill the tube with the proper gas and seal it. Learn more about custom vacuum tube building in the link below.

DIY Nixie tubes - [Link]

29 Jul 2010

This project is a Dual IR remote control unit that is able to control power saving fluo-bulbs. The controlling element is solid state relay (SSR) which consists of opto-triac and a triac. This combination enables us to turn ON/OFF all kinds of appliances (motors, lights, heaters, boilers, PC…)

Dual channel IR remote control – [Link]

29 Jul 2010

In this article learn how to drive LEDs using linear circuits, including transistor constant current circuits.

Linear LED power supplies - [Link]

29 Jul 2010

This should be one the the most hard to ready binary clocks as it uses different color to display hour, minutes and seconds in binary form. Check description on the link below to find out how to read it.

CoMBi Clock: RGB binary clock - [Link]

29 Jul 2010

Amicus is a PIC microcontroller development system inspired by the popular Arduino board and it is using a PIC mcu instead of an ATMEL.  The Amicus hardware is open meaning schematic and design files are free to download. Also Amicus software and IDE (integrated development environment) is free of charge. Check details on the link below.

Amicus: PIC microcontroller development system - [Link]

29 Jul 2010

This project is a camera intervalometer based on ATmega 328 microcontroller. It has two potentiometers to set the time interval and exposure length and an optocoupler for isolating the camera from the rest of the circuit. You can find schematic and source code on the link below.

ATmega328 camera intervalometer - [Link]

28 Jul 2010

In this series of articles learn about basic MSP430 microcontroller connections and programming options, Record audio with the MSP430, make a singing MSP430 microcontroller etc

Program a MSP430 microcontroller - [Link]

Record audio with the MSP430 microcontroller - [Link]

Make a talking MSP430 microcontroller – [Link]

Make a singing MSP430 microcontroller - [Link]

28 Jul 2010

In this article learn different ways to burn firmware on a PIC microcontroller and how to make a JDM2 PIC programmer.

Program a PIC microcontroller - [Link]





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