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17 Oct 2012

Tinkercad is the easy way to turn your idea into a professional 3D CAD model in just a few minutes.

Tinkercad is an easy-to-use 3D CAD tool – [Link]

16 Sep 2012

Researchers at TU Vienna have developed a special ‘photografting’ technique that allows molecules to be positioned in a 3D substrate to produce more versatile and accurate sensors for ‘lab on a chip’ devices. The researchers had previously explored new kinds of 3D printers, but 3D printing is not suitable for the envisaged applications because putting together materials from tiny components with different chemical properties is very complicated. Instead, they took the approach of starting with a three dimensional scaffold and attaching the desired molecules at exactly the right positions.

The process begins with a hydrogel with large pores through which molecules or even cells can migrate. Specifically selected molecules are introduced into the hydrogel mesh, and then certain points are blasted with a laser beam. This causes photochemical bonds to be broken where the focused laser beam is most intense, creating highly reactive intermediates that bond to the hydrogel in their vicinity very quickly. The precision depends on the laser’s lens system; the researchers were able to obtain a resolution of 4 µm.

Various molecules can be used, depending on the application. 3D photografting is useful not only for bio-engineering, but also for other fields, such as photovoltaics or sensor technology. It allows precise positioning, in very small spaces, of molecules that bond to specific chemical substances and allow them to be detected in a ‘lab on a chip’. [via]

Photografting: 3D Printing with Molecules – [Link]

1 Aug 2012

Easy to learn, Powerful to use, 3D printing ready – [via]

Cubify Invent – $49 CAD tool… – [Link]

22 Jul 2012

This is a small tutorial on how to make ‘3D Warehouse‘-like previews for your SketchUp 3D Models. It involves installing and using the SketchUp Web Exporter plugin – [via]

This tool will create in the given directory a collection of JPEG pictures and an HTML file containing the JavaScript code to animate the panorama, as well as a ZIP file containing the above files for convenient deployment on a website.

SketchUp tip: How to make 3D previews – [Link]

27 Jun 2012

ZofzPCB is a gerber viewer geared to make verification quick and easy. It shows the board and layers in 3D so it’s easier to spot errors. It can also make each trace a different color so the location is clearer. [via]

  • ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer can display 3D PCB model, using your design CAM files.
  • Gerber and Excellon files are assigned to layers in auto or manual mode. – Stackup dimensions are fully editable.
    3D approach allows more direct visual examination of your design.
  • ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer aided by DirectX and modern graphic hardware, brings impressive real-time images to your desk.
  • ZofzPCB recreates netlist and can mark each net with different color.
  • ZofzPCB allows you to take mechanical measurements, also between layers.

ZofzPCB 3D gerber viewer – [Link]

29 May 2012

Mayhew Labs writes:

Whether you’re a first-time circuit board designer or you’ve been doing it for years, you know how difficult it can be to visualize layout, spacing, and relative size in PCB layout software.  You might have also experienced that uneasy “I hope everything is right” feeling when you submit your design files for manufacturing.  You’re not alone!  I’ve ordered boards with silkscreen text way too small to read, components on the wrong side of the board, and even had my silkscreen and soldermask layers reversed by mistake!  Each of these times, the real problem was not having a good view of the design.

I came up with a solution to these problems and designed (with the help of a web developer) an online 3D Gerber viewer that anyone can use.  If you’re not familiar with Gerber files, they are the files that layout software (like Eagle, Altium, etc) export for manufacturing.  They describe everything pertinent about your board that will be required to actually create your PCB.

View Your PCB Design in 3D Online for Free – [Link]

14 May 2012

A 3D Printer that delivers the resolution you crave. Michael Joyce writes:

Right from the beginning I wanted the B9Creator to be different. Anodized aluminum construction, stainless steel hardware, many thoughtful features that enhance normal operation… all these things set the B9Creator apart from the DIY 3D Printer herd. But when it comes to printing complex, detailed and fragile objects, this is where the B9Creator really shines bright!

B9Creator – A High Resolution 3D Printer – [Link]

17 Apr 2012

Autodesk announces updated 123D site plus what’s in store for 123D app suite! @ Ponoko – [via]

Autodesk CEO, Carl Bass along with Samir Hanna, VP of Consumer Products both spoke about Autodesk and the support of Makers. Carl spoke about the “Post-Industrial Manufacturing and the Future of Making” explaining he has been a maker for over 30 years making things in his shop and then showed some great examples and research going on in the future of manufacturing including a 3D printer that prints building and another that can print human organs. Carl also mentioned the Consumer Products from Autodesk “are really aimed for kids 7-70 years old. Samir Hanna spoke about the changing in the role of consumers and design and how Autodesk is providing powerful yet easy to use tools for people to unleash their creativity as everyone has some ability to be creative and Autodesk wants to enable that with the growing 123D products.

Updated 123D site plus, 123D app suite! – [Link]

2 Apr 2012

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

3D models in Google SketchUp look great, but with a few extra plugins the results can look photo-realistic. In this tutorial we’ll cover our experience with the Maxwell for Google Sketchup rendering plugin.

The Maxwell Fire engine is easy to use. It’s integrated directly into SketchUp so you don’t need to open any other application to render photo-realistic images of your models.

The goal of this guide is to help you make awesome looking images of your projects for documentation and presentation.

Make realistic 3D renderings of PCB designs – [Link]

2 Apr 2012

Resin-based 3D Printer kit… [via]

I have been dreaming about having a 3D Printer at home for many years, but the ones with good quality are not affordable and the low costs just deliver poor quality. Sounds crazy but I decided to build a high resolution 3D Printer by myself at home (people actually said that I was crazy and this was impossible). The funny thing I never saw this type of machines in real life, and still haven’t seen one besides the one I built.

Now that I succeed building the first prototype, the target is to bring this low cost 3D Printer to every home, so we are developing the first affordable one with high resolution. I hope you enjoy our blog, follow us and you can have this printer in your home soon.

Resin-based 3D Printer kit – [Link]





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