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6 Feb 2011

shams writes:

Hi every one. Today i’ll show you how to make a PWM (pulse width modulation) out of a very famous chip 555 (lm,ne any one will do) with some other parts offcourse. This is really simple and it is very handy if you want to control your leds, light bulb, servo motor or dc motor (brushless also works). My pwm can only change the duty cyle from 10% to 90% it cant do nothing more!

Very simple PWM with 555 - [Link]

24 Jan 2011

There is a 555 contest happening that was conceived by Jeri Ellsworth and Chris Gammell. Check it out. [via]

This contest came about in mid-January 2011 on Twitter. Jeri began talking about 555 timers and excitement built up enough to start doing something about it! The organizers of the contest have no monetary interest, only interest in seeing new designs and creativity blossom. Vendors/sponsors did not prompt this contest, though they are helping organize and providing prizes. Really we’re just looking to have fun and see new designs, so be sure to submit yours!

555 contest up and running – [Link]

17 Jan 2011

This project is an electronic dice using a 555 timer and 4017 counter. The author wanted also to make a 20 or 100 side dice so he build one using an Arduino. A switch selects between 20 or 100 sides and a MAX7219 controls the 7-segment displays. [via]

Electronic Dice - [Link]

12 Jan 2011

supes writes:

I made this as a quick project I made to use a lot of the LEDs I recently got. It basically connects via a 555 8 pin IC and allows for adjusting the time between the flashings by changing the resistor or capacitor values. It provides for a cool looking effect in a dark room. Use your favorite color LEDs and enjoy!

41 LED Flasher Circuit using 555 IC – [Link]

12 Jan 2011

Jimmy Proton writes:

In this instructable i will teach you every thing you would ever need to know about the 555 timer IC. If you already know about the chip you could check out my slide show titled “47 projects to do with a 555” it will teach you every basic project to use a 555 with, its great for beginners!

Learn about the 555 – [Link]

12 Jan 2011

This circuit is a Dark Detector using a 555 timer IC. The 555 is configured as an astable oscillator to drive the piezo buzzer. Check circuit diagram on the link below.

“Dark Detector” using a 555 timer IC – [Link]

11 Jan 2011

This project shows how to build a simple AM radio transmitter based on 555 timer IC. The circuit parts are: the 555 timer IC, a NPN transistor three caps, three resistors and a potentiometer. The circuit is able to generate an amplitude modulation signal at 600Khz and you are able to receive it using a plain AM receiver. The range is about 30-40 feet. [via]

AM radio transmitter using 555 timer – [Link]

9 Jan 2011

electronics-diy.com writes:

When teamed up with an oscilloscope, this simple circuit provides a means of measuring capacitor ESR. A 555 timer (IC1) configured as a 2.3kHz free-running oscillator acts as the timebase. It provides narrow (7.7µs) pulses to the capacitor under test via a NAND Schmitt trigger (IC2) and transistor Q1. A 100Ω resistor in series with Q1 limits current flow to about 50mA. Therefore, an ESR of 1Ω will produce pulses across the test capacitor of 50mV, which means that an oscilloscope with a vertical sensitivity of 5mV can measure ESR down to 0.1Ω or less.

Oscilloscope ESR Tester - [Link]

15 Dec 2010

This project is a LED array PWM dimmer using 555 timer IC. The 555 timer IC is configured as a PWM generator. A potentiometer controls the charge and discharge times and thus the duty cycle of the PWM. As PWM duty cycle is varying the brightness of the led changes. Check schematic on the link below.

An LED Array PWM Dimmer with the 555 - [Link]

15 Dec 2010

This project is an IR beam break detector that has a range of 10m. After publishing IR Short Distance Beam Cut Detector Giorgos Lazaridis received requests for a version that will have extended range so he build the circuit on the link below. The transmitter is based on 556 timer IC that has two 555 timers inside and an high power IR led. The receiver is based on TSOP1838 IR receiver chip, a 555 timer IC and a 4017 decade counter. Check schematics and construction details on the link below.

Long Range (10m) IR Beam Break Detector – [Link]





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