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11 Mar 2011

Jim Chen made a very interesting LED chasing game that uses six 556 timer chips. This is his second entry to the 555 contest which is recently closed. There are nine LEDs in the game. Any of them could glow randomly. The player has to turn off the LED by touching an electrode next to the LED. While the player continue playing the game the time available for the player is less and less. When you missed to turn off an LED within the provided time frame, the game is over. Here’s how the game works. [via]

555 Contest Entry: “Whack a Mole” style game – [Link]

28 Feb 2011

electrobob.com writes:

You might find yourself needing a low power H bridge for driving a motor like I once did. The 555 IC can drive a load up to 200mA, source or sink, which might make is usable as a driver, if one can control the output as desired.

555 / 556 H bridge – [Link]

15 Dec 2010

This project is an IR beam break detector that has a range of 10m. After publishing IR Short Distance Beam Cut Detector Giorgos Lazaridis received requests for a version that will have extended range so he build the circuit on the link below. The transmitter is based on 556 timer IC that has two 555 timers inside and an high power IR led. The receiver is based on TSOP1838 IR receiver chip, a 555 timer IC and a 4017 decade counter. Check schematics and construction details on the link below.

Long Range (10m) IR Beam Break Detector – [Link]





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